Bald Min Htin Golf Course

Bhamo, Kachin, 1131, Myanmar

Bald Min Htin Golf Course is located in the foothills of Myanmar’s rugged Kachin State. This challenging 9-hole course defies expectations, carving a green oasis through a landscape sculpted by nature’s wild hand.

Forget manicured perfection; here, fairways wind their way through plantations, each hole a unique test of skill and adaptability. Crystal-clear streams whisper alongside, hazards waiting to punish errant shots. Bunkers, like scars on the emerald skin of the course, whisper stories of past battles fought in this rugged terrain.

The air itself carries a fresh, invigorating tang, scented with pine and the earthy aroma of tea leaves. Birdsong punctuates the silence, broken only by the occasional clang of a well-struck iron. Each swing echoes through the valley, a challenge not just to the golfer, but to the untamed spirit of the land.

Bald Min Htin Golf Course is more than a golf course; it’s a gateway to a hidden Myanmar, a land where raw beauty dances with cultural richness. It’s a place to test your skills against nature’s grand design, to find peace in the quiet hum of the mountains, and to discover a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. So pack your clubs, a sense of adventure, and prepare to tee off into the unknown at Bald Min Htin Golf Course.

Course Details

  • Year built: N/A
  • Architect(s):
  • Greens:
  • Fairways:
  • Season: Year round


  • Dress Code: Normal golf attire



  • Driving range:
  • Pitching/chipping area:
  • Putting green:
  • Teaching pro:

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