Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Denmark

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best golf courses in Denmark

Denmark might not immediately spring to mind for a golf vacation, but its offerings in this sport could change your perspective. The diverse array of golf courses in Denmark, together with its competitive pricing, attractive package deals, and distinctive golfing season, makes this country an increasingly appealing golf destination. Furthermore, the rising prominence of Danish golfers on the international scene enhances Denmark’s status in the golfing world, drawing more attention to its courses and facilities. With its unique blend of quality, variety, and value, Denmark is steadily establishing itself as a go-to location for golf enthusiasts looking to explore new and exciting courses.

Overview of Denmark’s Golfing Scene

Golf enthusiasts in Denmark are spoilt for choice, with over 200 golf courses that cater to every level of player, from the professional to the casual family group. The country offers a range of course types, including seaside, parkland, and challenging forest courses. Most Danish golf courses are equipped with comprehensive practice facilities, such as driving ranges and putting greens.

Although Danish weather can be brisk and breezy, golfing is a year-round pursuit in Denmark. While some may shy away from playing in the colder months of January and February, many golfers continue to enjoy the sport throughout the year. The early spring, in particular, is a favored time for golfing, as the courses are typically in excellent condition. Winter greens are typically available from November to April, offering surprisingly playable conditions despite the occasional weather challenges.

For those seeking golf vacation packages, Denmark golf courses often collaborate with nearby accommodations to offer attractive deals, ranging from luxury hotels to more modest lodgings. These packages, which can significantly reduce overall expenses, often include discounted green fees and equipment rental options.

Pricing for green fees in Denmark varies, with options to suit every budget, whether for 9-hole or 18-hole courses, weekday or weekend play. The fees are reflective of the course type and its popularity, with premier courses commanding higher rates. Denmark’s commitment to golf is also evident in its hosting of major European tournaments and its investment in courses designed by internationally acclaimed architects, enhancing its reputation as a premier golfing destination.

Must-Play Golf Courses in Denmark in 2024/2025

1. The Scandinavian Golf Club

The Scandinavian Golf Club

The Scandinavian Golf Club

Located just 25 minutes north of Copenhagen, The Scandinavian Golf Club stands out as a premier golf destination, with both its courses frequently earning spots in the Top 50 rankings for Continental Europe. The club offers a luxurious 36-hole experience set across 200 hectares of a lush forest landscape, intricately woven with streams and natural ponds, courtesy of renowned designer Robert Trent Jones II.

The serene and seemingly ancient environment of The Scandinavian provides an escape where tranquility reigns, offering golfers a peaceful yet engaging round. The ‘Old Course’ and ‘New Course’ at The Scandinavian embody the pinnacle of golfing innovation and construction excellence, boasting pristine playing conditions that set them apart in the Danish golfing landscape.

Complementing the golfing experience is the club’s state-of-the-art clubhouse, a masterpiece conceptualized by Henning Larsen Architects. It harmonizes modern Scandinavian architectural elements with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, equipped with all the modern conveniences needed today. The clubhouse serves as the perfect vantage point to view both courses, encapsulating the essence of The Scandinavian’s commitment to quality and the golfer’s experience.

2. PGA of Sweden National

PGA of Sweden National

PGA of Sweden National

Kyle Phillips’s engagement in golf course design is widely recognized as a hallmark of excellence. This reputation is upheld at the PGA of Sweden National, which, after a decade of meticulous planning, was unveiled in 2009 to widespread praise. The resort, situated just outside Malmo, boasts 45 holes crafted by Phillips, cementing its status as one of Sweden’s top golfing destinations.

The resort’s initial course, the Links, draws inspiration from traditional Scottish seaside courses, a stark contrast to typical Scandinavian designs. Despite the significant landscaping involved in its creation, the course maintains a convincingly authentic ambiance.

Phillips also lent his expertise to the creation of the Lakes course, which debuted a year later and has garnered equal acclaim, often compared favorably with the Links course. Both layouts have earned spots among Europe’s top 100 courses, with expectations of their continued ascent in prestige as they evolve.

The PGA of Sweden National’s proximity to Malmo makes it a convenient choice for golfers from Sweden, Denmark, and broader Northern Europe, enhancing its appeal as a premier golfing venue.

3. Barseback Golf and Country Club

Barseback Golf and Country Club

Barseback Golf and Country Club

Nestled on Sweden’s picturesque west coast, just a short drive north of Malmo, the esteemed Barsebäck Golf and Country Club captivates golfers with its 36 holes of exceptional golfing. This prestigious venue, once the stage for the Solheim Cup, continues to draw players with its allure.

The club’s master course, renowned for hosting a memorable European triumph in 2003, offers a diverse and engaging layout. It starts amidst dense woodlands, transitioning to expansive back-nine vistas of the sea, complemented by challenging holes that edge close to the Oresund strait.

While it may stand in the shadow of its celebrated sibling, the Donald Steel course presents its unique charm, offering a delightful round that merits exploration. Barsebäck, the proud home of Henrik Stenson, the 2016 Open Champion, has also been a recurrent venue for the Scandinavian Masters, further cementing its legacy in the golfing world.

4. Royal Golf Club

Royal Golf Club in Sweden

Royal Golf Club in Sweden

Just a stone’s throw from Copenhagen’s heart, only 3km away, the Royal Golf Club offers a Ron Kirby-designed course that caters to golfers pressed for time. Since its inauguration in 2010, this championship-level venue has been chosen for the European Challenge Tour twice, offering a serene parkland environment despite its urban proximity.

The Royal Golf Club Championship Course is tailored to challenge adept players while providing ample growth opportunities for the avid golfer, thanks to its diverse range of tee positions. Beyond the greens, the club prides itself on its contemporary clubhouse amenities, which include a lively restaurant, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and luxurious locker rooms equipped with saunas, ensuring a complete and upscale golfing experience.

5. Vasatorps Golfklubb

Vasatorps Golfklubb

Vasatorps Golfklubb

Boasting a total of 54 exceptional holes, Vasatorps Golfklubb stands out as one of the most enthralling golf complexes in Sweden. Not far from Denmark’s capital, this venue near Helsingborg has been a prominent name in championship golf since the 1970s, witnessing golf legends like Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman clinching European Tour victories on its pristine fairways. The TC course, unveiled in 2008, was designed with high-caliber tournament play in mind, featuring a blend of 9 revamped holes and 9 fresh challenges, establishing it as the resort’s centerpiece.

Although the TC course receives accolades as one of Sweden’s premier golfing challenges, the Classic course presents a more conventional layout where water hazards play a significant role, offering a distinct and engaging experience for golfers of various skill levels.

6. Lubker Golf Resort

Lubker Golf Resort

Lubker Golf Resort

Lübker Golf Resort is the best golf course in Denmark in 2022, as voted by the World Golf Awards. This prestigious resort offers a trio of nine-hole loops – Sand, Sky, and Forest – each presenting its own unique challenges and aesthetic appeal, designed by the renowned Robert Trent Jones II. The courses harmoniously blend with the natural landscape, featuring rolling hills, serene lakes, and lush forests, creating an immersive golfing experience.

Since its inauguration, Lübker has distinguished itself as a premier golfing destination, celebrated for its impeccable maintenance and thoughtful design that caters to golfers of all skill levels. The resort also prides itself on its comprehensive practice facilities and a state-of-the-art academy, further solidifying its reputation as a haven for golf enthusiasts.

The resort isn’t just about golf; it boasts a luxurious spa, fitness facilities, and accommodation options, making it a perfect retreat for both golfers and non-golfers alike.

7. Holstebro Golfklub

Holstebro Golfklub

Holstebro Golfklub

Nestled near its namesake town in Jutland, the heartland of Denmark, Holstebro Golfklub showcases the Skovbanen (Forest course), a heathland masterpiece designed by Erik Schnack in the early 1970s. While details about Schnack are sparse – he’s known for his 1968 work at Sønderjyllands Golf Club – his legacy endures through the strategic layout at Holstebro, where tradition is palpable amidst the pines and heather.

The course design emphasizes precision over power, reminiscent of the famed Blairgowrie with its winding, doglegged fairways. While the course is sparing with bunkers, its real challenge lies in navigating the tree lines and heather that eagerly penalize wayward shots. The fairways roll gently across the landscape, offering an earnest test of golfing skill.

Noteworthy holes that stand out include the pine-flanked par three 3rd and the demanding par four 9th, leading back to the clubhouse. The back nine’s highlight, the par five 16th, features a double dogleg that rises subtly to an elevated green, epitomizing the thoughtful challenge that defines Holstebro Golfklub, making it a cherished venue in the Danish countryside.

8. Great Northern Golf Course

Great Northern Golf Course

Great Northern Golf Course

Nestled in the quaint harbor town of Kerteminde on Funen, Denmark’s third-largest island, the Great Northern Golf Course emerges as a beacon of luxury in a region famed for its summer allure. While Kerteminde, with its iconic red-roofed homes and a modest population, might initially appear an unconventional choice for such a grand golfing venue, its popularity as a summer haven and proximity to Odense and major transport routes justify its selection.

Upon visiting Great Northern, guests are greeted by a meticulously designed landscape, including a striking bonsai at the courtyard’s heart, set against the backdrop of an elegant clubhouse. Since its opening in July 2017, the course has integrated nature seamlessly into its layout, with seven artificial lakes accentuating its strategic complexity and aesthetic appeal.

The course’s design cleverly incorporates water hazards, notably between the 4th and 6th holes, challenging golfers with a variety of risks and rewards. Additionally, driveable par fours on the 7th and 13th holes introduce tactical intrigue, while the course’s elevation changes, especially around the 40-meter hill, provide both a test of skill and scenic vistas, including views toward the Storebælt Bridge.

Great Northern offers an enriching experience for all golfers, complemented by high-end accommodations and dining, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of challenge and luxury in their golfing escapades.

9. Esbjerg Golf Club

Esbjerg Golf Club

Esbjerg Golf Club

Esbjerg Golf Club is also one of the best golf courses in Denmark, with its 42 holes set amidst verdant pines, spruces, and larches. While Esbjerg, known for its maritime industry, might not be a traditional tourist destination, its Marbaek course – a gem within a national park – draws golf enthusiasts for its natural beauty and design.

Crafted by Frederik Dreyer in 1975 and later expanded, the Marbaek course is renowned for its challenging play across 6,357 meters, demanding precision and power, particularly when coastal winds sweep across the fairways. Despite minimal water hazards, strategic bunkering and the wind element add complexity to the game.

Though it appears flat, Esbjerg Golf Club’s terrain and its design nuances evoke comparisons with the Scottish Highlands, providing a distinctive golfing ambiance. The club’s significance in the golf world is highlighted by its hosting of prestigious events, underscoring its quality and the Marbaek course’s stature within European golf circuits. Recent consultations for upgrades with architect Philip Spogard signify ongoing commitments to excellence, ensuring Esbjerg remains a top choice for serious golfers.

10. Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort

Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort

Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort

Located near Aalborg, celebrated as Europe’s cleanest city, HimmerLand unfolds in Jutland’s rugged northern reaches, boasting the title of northern Europe’s most extensive golf resort with its 45 holes and superior practice amenities.

While HimmerLand offers an array of golfing experiences, the standout is undoubtedly the New course, crafted by Jan Sederholm in 1993. This course underwent a comprehensive makeover in 2011/12 under the guidance of Spogárd & VanderVaart, emerging in 2013 as a modern marvel ready to welcome the European Tour from 2014, marking a significant chapter in Danish golf history.

Notably, HimmerLand has a legacy of hosting professional competitions, with Thomas Bjorn clinching his first professional win here in 1995. Despite its daunting length of nearly 7,400 yards at its fullest stretch, the New course offers five different teeing grounds, accommodating a wide spectrum of golfers. This versatility, combined with the challenge of its wind-swept terrain, cements HimmerLand’s status as a premier golfing destination.

Above, we have introduced to you the top 10 best golf courses in Denmark. Consider them if you are planning your golf trip to this beautiful country. Or, if you have played at these courses, don’t hesitate to share your experience by commenting on the box below. Thank you so much for your reading!

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