Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Germany 2024 (Updated)

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best golf courses in germany

Despite its geographical size and the emergence of stellar golfing talents, Germany might not fully share the golfing reputation enjoyed by some of its European counterparts. However, it certainly boasts an impressive number of 750 golf courses that are worth exploring. In the following article, let’s explore the top 10 best golf courses in Germany.

Overview of the German Golfing Scene

Golfing in Germany is often recognized for its adherence to tradition, yet the country’s golf courses exhibit a commendable standard. The variety found across German golf courses is noteworthy, featuring a range from expertly designed links style courses – such as WINSTONgolf – to equally impressive woodland, parkland, and heathland courses.

Travelers embarking on a golfing journey to Germany can anticipate appealing pricing in both gastronomy and accommodation. Coupled with the exceptional quality of its golf clubs, Germany provides a stellar golf holiday experience. Prominent golf resorts like Sport & Spa Resort A-ROSA Scharmützelsee, Hardenberg GolfResort, Schloss Ludersburg, and Golf Resort Achental further enrich the golfing landscape.

Germany has established its presence in professional golf, giving rise to Major Champions including Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer, and hosting prominent tournaments like the BMW International Open, Porsche European Open, Ladies German Open, and the Solheim Cup.

BMW International Open in Germany 2023

BMW International Open in Germany 2023

Exploring golf in Germany geographically, two primary regions emerge: North Rhine-Westphalia in the west, which boasts 164 golf clubs, and the southern duo of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, hosting a combined total of 248 golf clubs. Venturing southward into Bavaria introduces golfers to the northern brink of the European Alps, offering breathtaking mountain vistas to enhance the golfing experience in Germany. Engaging in the sport amidst the backdrop of these majestic mountains further elevates the appeal of the nation’s premier golf courses.

The country’s moderate maritime climate, characterized by relatively mild winters and temperate summers, interspersed with year-round precipitation, ensures golf can be enjoyed in various seasons. Nonetheless, due to its diverse topography, including regions like the Thuringian Forest, the Bavarian Forest, the Black Forest, Sauerland, and the Bavarian Alps, weather variations can be expected across different locales in Germany.

Best Golf Courses in Germany

1. Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof

Address: Am Steinwerk 3, 50259 Pulheim, Germany

Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof

Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof

Set in Pulheim, near Cologne, Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof is distinguished by its Jack Nicklaus-designed course. Nicklaus, known for creating strategic interest in his designs, has crafted a course that’s not only an aesthetic marvel but also a genuine test of skill. The course displays Nicklaus’s signature features like large bunkers and water hazards that test players’ strategic thinking and execution. It is known for its impeccable maintenance standards, ensuring that fairways, greens, and hazards are always in top condition.

2. Berlin-Wannsee Golf & Country Club

Address: Golfweg 22, 14109 Berlin, Germany

Berlin-Wannsee Golf & Country Club

Berlin-Wannsee Golf & Country Club

One of the oldest and most respected golf courses in Germany, Berlin-Wannsee was established in 1895 and has since been a beacon of golfing tradition. Its course gracefully weaves through a mature landscape, providing a classic golfing challenge that has stood the test of time. Known for hosting national championships and fostering a rich competitive history, the club upholds a vibrant membership culture and a genuine love for the game.

3. Golf und Land Club Köln

Address: Golfpl. 2, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Golf und Land Club Köln

Golf und Land Club Köln

Residing in Refrath, east of Cologne, the Golf und Land Club Köln boasts a history dating back to 1906. The club, surrounded by a charming forest, has a classic, parkland-style course that has earned a reputation for its well-considered layout and strategic challenge. Meticulous maintenance ensures a consistent playing surface, and its inviting clubhouse and practice facilities complement the course, creating an exceptional golfing environment.

4. Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

Address: Opelstraße 30, 68789 St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

This Baden-Wurttemberg-based club is synonymous with championship golf in Germany, hosting numerous notable tournaments, including the Solheim Cup. Golf Club St. Leon-Rot is renowned for its two outstanding courses that blend strategic complexity with aesthetic beauty. With an emphasis on inclusivity and junior development, the club is committed to nurturing the next generation of golfers, making it a hub for both competitive and recreational golf.

5. Frankfurter Golf Club

Address: 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurter Golf Club

Frankfurter Golf Club

Situated amidst the stunning Hessian countryside, Frankfurter Golf Club, established in 1928, seamlessly merges historic charm with modern amenities. The Harry S. Colt-designed course is hailed for its tactical design, where every hole offers a unique challenge. The course rewards thoughtful play and provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience for players of all levels, all while being enveloped by enchanting woodland.

6. München Eichenried Golf Club

Address: Münchner Str. 57, 85452 Moosinning, Germany

München Eichenried Golf Club

München Eichenried Golf Club

A staple on the European Tour, Golfclub München Eichenried is notably the home of the BMW International Open. Known for its expansive water features, the course integrates the natural landscape to shape its character and challenge. Its enviable condition and strategic variety make each round a unique experience, testing both strategic planning and execution.

7. Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein

Address: In de Bargen 59, 22587 Hamburg, Germany

Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein

Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein

Established in 1906, Hamburger Golf Club is situated amidst the picturesque Lower Saxony countryside, offering a sublime heathland course renowned for its fast, undulating greens and strategic bunkering. It has hosted the German Open several times, solidifying its status among Germany’s elite golfing venues. The course is celebrated for its natural beauty and the strategic depth of its design, a testament to its 6th rank in the list of best golf courses in Germany.

8. WINSTONgolf

Address: Kranichweg 1, 19065 Gneven, Germany



Located near Schwerin, Golfclub WINSTONgolf offers a diverse golfing experience, particularly with the Winston Links course, which draws inspiration from traditional British links courses. Notable for its undulating fairways, sizeable bunkers, and windy conditions, it provides a genuine links-style challenge in the heart of Germany, earning praise for its design and conditioning. Come here and showcase your golf skills at this 8th in the list of best Germany golf courses.

9. Golf Club Fohr e.V.

Address: Grevelingstieg 6, 25938 Nieblum, Germany

Golf Club Fohr e.V.

Golf Club Fohr e.V.

Boasting over 90 years of history, Golf Club Fohr e.V. offers a delightful mixture of parkland and links-style golf, set against the stunning backdrop of the North Sea. The course challenges players with its coastal conditions and strategic layout, while also providing breathtaking views and a tranquil setting that enhances every round.

10. Golfclub Budersand Sylt

Address: Fernsicht 1, 25997 Hörnum (Sylt), Germany

Golf Club Budersand Sylt

Golf Club Budersand Sylt

A mere ten miles due west from northern Germany’s coast, the petite island of Sylt nestles, becoming a cherished escape for the nation’s elite and a hub for golf aficionados with its four courses. Of particular distinction is Budersand, splendidly situated at the island’s southernmost point.

Despite its relatively recent inception – less than a decade old – Budersand emanates a timeless aura, seemingly having graced the pure linksland for generations, thanks to its inherently organic routing. Intriguingly, the course marks the inaugural foray into golf course design by Rolf-Stephan Hansen, initially a local landscape architect who adeptly transitioned into a course architect, lending Budersand an authentically local touch and seasoned appearance.

Here, we have introduced you to the top 10 best golf courses in Germany. Know other layouts that are worth playing, don’t hesitate to share with us by commenting on the box below. We are glad to hear from you.

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