The Best Time to Visit and Golf in the Philippines

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Best time to visit the Philippines for golfing

The Philippines is regarded as an attractive golfing destination, with golf courses in good condition for most of the year. However, if this is your first time traveling and golfing in the Philippines, selecting a good period with a pleasant climate is advised. Here’s our advice on the best time to visit the Philippines for golf to bring you the best golfing experience in the Philippines.

1. Philippines Golfing Weather Overview

Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has a specific tropical climate with two seasons: the wet season and the dry one. Even though the temperature doesn’t seem to be very different between seasons, humidity and rainfall are. Since the country is a large collection of islands, variation in climate is quite significant within the two seasons. For instance, the weather on the coast can differ from the mountainous areas, and the temperature can be dissimilar across the country.

Best time to visit the Philippines

Seasons in the Philippines

Most tourists tend to travel to the Philippines in the dry season (December–May), as the weather is more tolerable. It’s the best time to visit the Philippines in the year. The dry season is also the peak time for outdoor activities such as sightseeing, diving, and, of course, golfing. However, popular destinations will mostly be crowded with tourists, and the price can jump up to three or four times, especially in Manila, Boracay, or Cebu, to name a few.

Traveling during peak season might seem to catch more attention from visitors, but visiting the Philippines in the wet season has its own charm. The travel cost is certainly lower in the off-peak season, and fewer visitors mean that you might find some reasonable places to stay during the trip. However, some hot spots in the country might suffer from heavy rains, which in some cases cause flight interruptions and make roads inaccessible.

Golfing in the Philippines during the dry season

The dry season is the Philippines’ high travel season, especially from December to March, with April and May having slightly higher temperatures than the rest of the season. Temperatures between 20°C and 32°C (68°F and 89°F) and low humidity are expected in most destinations across the country during this period. Visitors and prices jump greatly in the season and reach their peak at Christmas. Since popular golf resorts might sell out or get crowded, booking well in advance is advised to get your desired accommodation during this crowded time. Expected to pay up to three or four times more than the low season; therefore, having a stable financial plan is also advised.

The dry season is perfect for time in the water and on the golf course. With plenty of islands and up to 100 different golf courses, you will never feel the lack of seaside resorts or golfing places. Popular resorts might get more crowded during the high season, so choose a quieter trip if you want to be more relaxed during the trip. Places like Manila, Boracay, or Cebu are popular and stunning beach locations, but it’s possible to discover a less crowded spot. Check out Canyon Woods Resort Club in Tagaytay if you like a quiet and calm feeling.

Canyon woods golf courses

Canyon Woods Golf Course

The dry season is also perfect for golf. Consider whether you want to spend a few days in a mountain community or chill along the coast for amazing vistas in the Philippines. The Suites at Mount Malarayat in Manila is our recommendation if you like mountain scenery. It’s one of the Philippines’ best golf resorts, with high-end service and easy access in the peak seasons. For a chilling beach view, Monaco Suites de Boracay might be the best for you. This resort is just a 4-minute walk from the beach and has a stunning view of Bulabog Beach and Mt. Luho with modern amenities.

Golfing in the Philippines during the wet season

As the rainy season approaches, the humidity rises, with rains commencing in the north and rolling down through the country, but some areas still remain extremely protected and relatively dry. Even in locations with daily rainfall, it is typically not too heavy or long-lasting. When the sun shines, the humidity can be strong, and temperatures range from 23°C to 32°C (77°C to 89°C). The rainy season does not mean never-ending rain, and there is still the possibility of clear skies and mild weather throughout these months. Typhoons, on the other hand, provide an additional element of risk with their extraordinarily heavy rain and intense winds. These can happen at any time but are most common between June and September. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and be ready to adjust your plans at any time.

Cebu International Golf and Resort

For a clear beach day experience in these rainy months, you can travel to places like Cebu, for instance. In the wet season, Cebu City is a convenient jumping-off place for island-hopping experiences, and quick boat crossings between the islands allow you to adjust your plans on the fly if necessary. However, in order to have a smooth golf day, traveling to the Philippines might not be ideal. During the wet season, typhoons must be avoided as much as possible for all travelers since they can put visitors in deadly circumstances. Moreover, in this season, it can rain all day long, making it less likely that you will have a nice day for golfing.

2. Best Time to Visit the Philippines for A Golf Holiday

Aside from optimal scheduling, location is a crucial issue that visitors should consider. Based on the information shown above, it is easy to deduce that the ideal season to come and golf in the Philippines is in the dry season, which is from December to May when the weather is mild and there is little rain. However, as illustrated, each season of the nation offers varied golfing weather, allowing tourists to select which suits them best.

Golfing in the Manila

To fully experience the Philippines’ outdoor activities, it’s best to come here during the dry season. This season is also the peak of Philippine tourism, which means that there will be lots of activities going on throughout the months. At this time, Manila shines as the center of the Philippines with festivals, holidays, and perfect weather for golfing. While rain falls in Manila throughout the year, the months of January to April have the lowest risk of rain. If you want to do outside activities in Manila, we recommend carrying water bottles, caps, and an umbrella with you.

Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

When visiting Manila for golf, you must play at Wack Wack Golf & Country Club, which has two courses, one of which is the globally renowned East course, which has hosted major competitions such as the Philippine Open and the World Cup in 1977. The course is located in Mandaluyong, Philippines, about 9.2 kilometers east of Manila. The East Course is a sprawling course with water hazards, expansive greens, and long fairways. Its iconic No. 16, a par 3, is regarded as a make-or-break hole. The West Course is also worth playing. It is an all-weather par 72 championship course that is shorter and less difficult and attracts the club’s senior and female members. Wack Wack Golf & Country Club is nearly complete with amenities that meet high international standards, thanks to a superb Clubhouse. A must-see for visiting golfers.

Golfing on Boracay island

Boracay is also a perfect destination for both golfing and traveling, the island is filled with sunshine and beaches. Boracay can be enjoyed all year, but the greatest time to visit the island and its beaches is from December to May when the Philippines is in its dry season. You’d be able to walk on Boracay’s pure white sand beaches while basking in the warm summer sun or you can enjoy golfing at the island-only golf course in Fairways & Bluewater Boracay. The island also has an easy-to-access shopping mall which is a plus for staying here.

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club

Boracay Island has only one golf course, Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club. Graham Marsh, a well-known Australian golfer, planned the lengthy 18-hole round. Its initial nine sections include flat terrain and several water hazards, whereas its later nine sections have many hills but fewer dangers. The thrilling round has spectacular views of coastal waves and clean white beaches, which golfers may enjoy while playing on the course. Fairways and Bluewater, as a resort and golf facility, offers a wide range of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Scuba diving, parasailing, and the fun banana boat are a few of these enjoyable sports. Apart from that, there are tee houses, massage rooms, and a swimming pool where golfers may relax after the game.

Golfing in Cebu

Cebu is an all-year-round travel destination. If you enjoy outdoor activities, the best time to go would be January to April. If you want to avoid crowds or want to economically travel, July to October would be your answer. It is when costs are lowest and there are fewer visitors visiting Cebu’s biggest attractions. Cebu provides a wide range of choices for everyone, from seaside resorts to calm mountainous ones. At Cebu, you can go mountain hiking, scuba diving, or just simply, golfing. However, due to the weather conditions, consider carrying umbrellas and hats with you when golfing outside.

Queens Island Golf Resort

The Queen’s Island Golf & Resort is a golf course in Medellin, North Cebu, Philippines. The travel from Cebu City’s downtown takes roughly 90 minutes. This 18-hole par 72 course spans more than 70 hectares and has a total length of 6,850 yards. What distinguishes these 18 holes is the usage of top-rated Platinum TE Paspalum grass imported from the United States. It is a gentler grass that differs greatly from the regular carabao grass used on other golf courses in the Philippines. It is the region’s newest championship course. The golf course also has an outstanding drainage system, which helps to minimize floods, especially during the wet season. Aside from golf and the stunning vistas around the resort, visitors may also embark on an island-hopping excursion to Bantayan, Malapascua, and Gibitngil. This resort has everything for everyone.

Whatever time of year you visit the Philippines to play golf, the country provides an unforgettable golfing experience. Going on a golf vacation in the Philippines? Remember to mix golf with other tourist activities such as beach leisure, food and culture explorations, sightseeing, and so on. If you’re not sure how to make the most of your stay in the Philippines, get in touch with us right away for assistance or a custom-made plan.

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