Top 5 Reasons to Play Golf in the Philippines

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Reasons to Golf in the Philippines

The Philippines may not be a top golf destination in the world but it leaves great satisfaction to golfers who travel to play at its courses. The 7th Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC) organized in Manila in May 2018 with the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” attracting 214 golfers from 33 countries has been a testament to the joyfulness of golfing in this country, giving golf travelers worldwide more reasons to visit and golf in the Philippines.

Should You Visit and Golf in the Philippines?

1. An Abundance of Beautiful Golf Courses

Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club

The Philippines boasts nearly 100 golf courses, with most being private or membership-based clubs that were traditionally challenging for visitors to access. However, the situation is evolving, and approximately 30 clubs across the country now cater to visiting golfers, including several in and around Metro Manila.

Despite being comprised of over 7,000 islands, golf in the Philippines is primarily concentrated in easily reachable and popular locations, mainly on the main island of Luzon. Some of the most beautiful golf courses in the Philippines can be named Intramuros Golf Club, Wack Wack Golf Club, Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club, etc.

2. A Perfect Combination of Golfing and Sightseeing Activities

Boracay beach

Golf serves as an added attraction for a country renowned for its tropical islands, stunning beaches, vibrant rainforests, exceptional diving, and diverse historical heritage.

Manila, the country’s capital, is a lively city that brims with activities and attractions both day and night. Notable highlights encompass the historic walled city of Intramuros, home to Manila Cathedral and the UNESCO-listed San Augustin Church. The Binondo district houses the world’s oldest Chinatown, while museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Manila offer enriching experiences. For shopping, dining, and vibrant nightlife, Resorts World Manila is a go-to destination, conveniently located near Manila’s international airport.

If you want to combine beach relaxation with golf in the Philippines, there is the Fairways & Bluewater Golf Resort on Boracay Island, which offers a perfect stay & play package for golfers and visitors. Imagine showcasing your golf skills at one of the best links-style golf courses in the Philippines and indulging in the pristine clear water of Boracay’s white-sand beaches.

3. Smiling & Friendly Caddies

Caddies in the Philippines

Caddies in the Philippines

The presence of friendly and cheerful caddies enhances the enjoyment of your game, whether they are driving golf buggies, pushing golf trolleys, marking scorecards, providing yardages, assisting in locating lost golf balls, or tending to the pin and marking and cleaning your ball once you reach the green.

In contrast to certain Asian golf destinations, Philippines golf courses often employ both male and female caddies, who not only possess golfing skills but may also have lower handicaps than the golfers they accompany! Caddies are typically mandatory in most courses and their services generally cost between PHP300 and PHP500 (less than USD 10), plus a gratuity.

Each golf club has its distinctive uniform for caddies. Upon the arrival of groups, the caddies line up to welcome them and promptly unload the golf clubs from the bus, escorting them directly to pre-assigned buggies. In addition to golf caddies, some clubs offer the option of umbrella carriers that keep you shaded from the tropical sun whenever you step out of the golf buggy, traverse the fairways, or await your turn to putt on the greens.

4. An English-Speaking Country

Playing golf in the Philippines offers the advantage of widespread English proficiency, as it is one of the country’s official languages spoken across various settings. This linguistic advantage greatly facilitates communication for numerous international golfers, be it in hotels, golf clubs, taxis, restaurants, shops, or bars.

English is commonly spoken everywhere, eliminating language barriers and ensuring a smoother experience throughout your stay. Whether seeking assistance, making inquiries, or engaging in casual conversations, visitors can rely on the widespread use of English, enhancing convenience and enabling seamless interactions in a range of establishments and social settings.

5. A Diverse Range of Accommodation

Shangri Las Mactan Resort & Spa in Cebu, Philippines

A wide array of accommodation options awaits travelers in the Philippines, ranging from cozy guesthouses and charming boutique hotels to lavish luxury resorts. There are certain golf resorts with on-site hotels or villas for added convenience, ensuring a seamless golfing experience.

For courses without dedicated lodging, there are numerous hotel choices available within close proximity, making the journey to the golf courses effortless. Whether you prefer a quaint and intimate setting or the indulgent amenities of a high-end resort, the Philippines caters to various preferences, providing comfortable and suitable accommodation options for golf enthusiasts and travelers alike.

To enjoy the best of golf in the Philippines, you had better visit between January and April, when the temperature is pleasant with little-to-know precipitation. Other times of the year may offer better prices for green fees, accommodation, sightseeing, etc. So, choose the time that best fits your preference and create a wonderful golf holiday in the Philippines. Check out our best Philippines golf tours or contact us for a tailor-made program.

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    1. Hi Michael,
      The cost of retiring in the Philippines can be significantly lower than that in Britain (about 44% lower, according to our research). Various factors contribute to this difference, such as living expenses (housing, food, transportation), healthcare, and general lifestyle costs.
      Golf courses in the Philippines are beautiful with affordable green fees/membership fees. You can play golf year round in this country if you want.
      One more advantage, Philippines is an English-speaking country, eliminating the language barriers.
      So, it is a good idea to choose the Philippines for your retirement.
      Best regards,
      Linh Chi.

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