How to Plan a Perfect Hong Kong Golf Holiday?

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how to plan a perfect hong kong golf tour

It is undeniable that Hong Kong is home to some of the best golf courses in Asia. This city also offers visitors a treasure trove of things to do. In the following article, let’s check out the essential information and steps to plan a perfect Hong Kong golf tour so that you can enjoy the best of golf in this city while enjoying other tourism activities to the fullest.

About Hong Kong and How to Get There

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is a vibrant city, where East meets West in a dynamic fusion of cultures, skylines, and experiences. Nestled on China’s southern coast, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis known for its towering skyscrapers, bustling street markets, and picturesque harbor.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

To reach this captivating destination, travelers have several options. By air, major airlines connect Hong Kong International Airport to numerous cities worldwide, making it an easily accessible hub. Alternatively, travelers can arrive by train through mainland China or by sea through its busy port. Once you’ve arrived, a seamless network of efficient public transportation, including the iconic Star Ferry and sleek MTR system, ensures golfing and exploring the city is a breeze.

When to Go On a Hong Kong Golf Tour?

While Hong Kong’s golf scene is active year-round, the best time to get on a Hong Kong golf tour is during the autumn and winter months, from September to February. During this period, the weather is cooler and more comfortable, making it ideal for enjoying outdoor activities like golf. The temperatures are pleasant, ranging from around 18°C to 24°C (64°F to 75°F), creating pleasant playing conditions on the golf courses.

Moreover, Hong Kong experiences less rainfall and humidity during these months, reducing the chances of weather disruptions during your golf game. The skies are clearer, allowing you to fully appreciate the scenic views and landscapes surrounding the golf courses.

>>> Please refer to our article on Hong Kong golfing weather for detailed pros and cons of each golfing season in the region.

How Long Should Your Hong Kong Golf Tour Be?

The ideal duration for your Hong Kong golf tour depends on your preferences, the number of golf courses you’d like to play, and how much time you want to spend exploring the city’s other attractions. Generally, a golf tour in Hong Kong can range from 3 to 7 days. For a shorter trip, around 3 to 4 days in Hong Kong, you can focus primarily on golfing and playing a couple of rounds on different courses while also enjoying some city highlights at night. This is a great option if you’re a dedicated golfer looking for a quick golf getaway.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience that combines golfing with exploring Hong Kong’s culture and sights, a 5 to 7-day trip is recommended. This allows you to play a few rounds of golf while also having ample time to visit iconic attractions like Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, and its bustling markets.

Which Hong Kong Golf Courses to Play?

Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Hong Kong offers a variety of golf courses that cater to different skill levels and preferences. Here are a few notable options to consider for your Hong Kong golf tour:

  • Hong Kong Golf Club: One of the most prestigious clubs in Hong Kong, it features three 18-hole courses: the Old Course, the New Course, and the Eden Course. The Old Course is particularly famous for hosting international tournaments.
  • Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club: This picturesque course offers stunning coastal views and a challenging layout, known for its beautiful surroundings and well-maintained fairways.
  • Discovery Bay Golf Club: This course features a scenic layout with water features and mountain views. It’s great for golfers who enjoy a balance of challenge and relaxation.
  • Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course: A unique option with three 18-hole courses. It’s managed by the government and provides a more affordable golfing experience.
  • Shek O Country Club: With its cliffside location overlooking the East Sea, this course offers golfers breathtaking views throughout 18 holes of golf.
  • Nine Eagles Golf Course: Located on Lantau Island, this course is set against a backdrop of mountains and water. It’s a good option for both beginners and experienced golfers.

Actually, the courses you choose will depend on your skill level, preferences, and the tee time available. Consider the unique features, challenges, and settings of each course you are going to play to create a well-rounded and enjoyable golfing experience during your Hong Kong tour.

>>> Here is the list of the top 5 best golf courses in Hong Kong if you cannot decide where to play.

Discovery Bay Golf Club 1

Discovery Bay Golf Club

Where to Stay in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, there’s always a spot for you to call home, from cozy guesthouses, and vibrant hostels, to luxurious hotels, stylish boutiques, or comfortable stay & play resorts. These accommodations can be found both in the bustling city center and in peaceful retreats. With an extensive selection of more than 84,000 rooms spread across 300 hotels, you’re bound to discover your ideal stay in Hong Kong.

If you want to save your travel cost, you can refer to budget-friendly hostels such as Urban Pack (in Tsim Sha Tsui), Ah Shan Hostel (in Mong Kok), or the Ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan (in Sheung Wan district). The best mid-range hotels in the city include The Harbourview (in Wanchai), Hotel ICON (in Tsim Sha Tsui), and Dorsett Mongkok (in Mong Kok).

If you are seeking luxurious options, the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and Rosewood Hong Kong are two of the best. These hotels offer world-class amenities, stunning harbor views, and exceptional dining options.

Other Things to Do in Hong Kong

Now, you may ask what other things to do in Hong Kong during your time out of course, or if you want to spend more than a week here. Below are some of the best things to do in Hong Kong to add to your bucket list:

Immerse in the Vibrant Nightlife

Vibrant nightlife in Hong Kong

Vibrant nightlife in Hong Kong

Immersing yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Hong Kong is an experience you won’t want to miss as the city comes alive after the sun sets, offering a dynamic and electric atmosphere that caters to a wide range of preferences. Here, you can be into trendy clubs, cozy pubs, live music venues, or rooftop bars with stunning city views.

Many eateries stay open late, so you can enjoy delicious street food, local snacks, or even full meals after a night of fun. Rooftop bars offer not only drinks and music but also breathtaking panoramic views of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline, creating a memorable backdrop for your evening.

Visit Kid-Friendly Destinations

If you go on a Hong Kong golf tour with your family, there is also an abundance of activities to ensure a fantastic time. Begin the adventure at Hong Kong Disneyland, where enchanting characters, captivating rides, and live shows create a magical experience. Ocean Park follows suit, blending animal encounters, exhilarating rides, and interactive attractions for an educational yet thrilling day. Lastly, the Children’s Discovery Museum offers a world of creative exploration through hands-on exhibits and educational play, sparking young imaginations. You can also visit the Zoological and Botanical Garden and Hong Kong Maritime Museum if time permits.

Island Hoping

Island hopping in Hong Kong

Island hopping in Hong Kong

Island hopping in Hong Kong is a captivating way to uncover the city’s multifaceted charm. With each island offering its own unique landscapes and character, you’ll be treated to a diverse experience. It’s a refreshing escape from the urban bustle, allowing you to relax in a more laid-back atmosphere while delving into local traditions and cultures.

From hiking trails with stunning views to enjoying freshly caught seafood at waterfront restaurants, the islands provide a range of outdoor activities and culinary delights. You will be sure to be connected with the authentic side of Hong Kong, from the colorful Bun Festival on Cheung Chau to the serene temples scattered across different islands. Island hopping opens the door to capturing stunning views, creating unique memories, and discovering the enchanting diversity that makes Hong Kong a must-explore destination.

Sample Delicious Foods

Wonton soup

Wonton soup

For food lovers getting on a Hong Kong golf tour, the city emerges as an ultimate food paradise. Positioned in China’s eastern region and shaped by its British colonial heritage, it possesses a unique cuisine that distinguishes it from Beijing and Chengdu. Renowned for its subtler and gentler flavors, Hong Kong’s culinary creations are meticulously prepared with minimal seasonings, chili, garlic, and sauces, rendering them particularly enticing to Western palates.

The confluence of cultures in Hong Kong has nurtured a richly diverse culinary landscape, where skillful chefs blend the essence of mainland Chinese with international influences. This city also boasts an array of Japanese, Indian, Korean, French, and Italian eateries, inviting you to embark on a global food tour right within the city limits.

Some of the most mouth-watering dishes in Hong Kong are dim sum, fresh seafood, hotpot, wonton noodles, siu mei (Chinese barbecue), crispy fried chicken, etc.

In summary, Hong Kong offers not only a perfect golf scene but also a diverse and exciting tourism experience. The longer you stay in this city, the more you will love it. Plan your Hong Kong golf tour now with GolfLux so that you won’t miss any wonderful things in this city.

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