Top 15 Best Golf Courses in Canada for 2024

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Muskoka Bay Club

Selecting the ideal golf course to match your preferences can pose a challenge, even with the abundance of top-tier Canada golf courses. Fortunately, specific criteria can assist you in finding the perfect fit. Are you seeking a quick round during your travels, or do you have a local course more suitable for regular play?

Each course’s terrain varies based on the nearby geography, making it crucial to select one that provides an appropriate level of challenge for your skills. If you’re in search of your next golfing holiday destination, we present to you the top 20 golf courses in Canada! These courses offer a diverse range of experiences, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect match for your golfing style and preferences.

Must-Play Canada Golf Courses in 2024/2025

1. Cabot Cliffs, Nova Scotia

Cabot Cliffs

Cabot Cliffs

Ranked at an impressive 10th place nationwide, Cabot Cliffs stands as a premier Canadian golf course, offering breathtaking vistas of the adjacent azure waters.

Situated in Inverness, Nova Scotia, and crafted by the renowned designers Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw in 2015, this publicly accessible course is an exclusive walking-only venue that proudly secures its position within the top 10 of the Top 100 golf courses in the country.

Spanning a generous 6,854 yards, Cabot Cliffs provides panoramic ocean views from every hole, with a remarkable 8 holes positioned directly along the coastline, overlooking the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence.

2. National Golf Club of Canada

National Golf Club of Canada

National Golf Club of Canada

Situated in Woodbridge, Ontario, and masterfully crafted by George Fazio and Tom Fazio back in 1976, this golf course has earned an impressive 22nd place ranking among the Top 100 courses and is often lauded as the finest in Canada.

Renowned for its formidable level of difficulty, it has gained a reputation as the most challenging course in the nation. The course offers a demanding 18-hole layout spanning a substantial total length of 7,234 yards, promising a truly rigorous test of golfing skills for those who dare to take on the challenge.

3. George’s Golf and Country Club, Ontario

George’s Golf and Country Club - one of the best Canada golf courses

George’s Golf and Country Club

Situated in Etobicoke, Ontario, and originally designed by the renowned Stanley Thompson in 1929, St. George’s Golf and Country Club holds an impressive 32nd position among the top 100 golf courses in Canada.

This distinguished club features a meticulously crafted 18-hole layout that spans a total distance of 7,025 yards, providing golfers with a challenging and memorable experience on the course.

Cabot Links

Cabot Links

Similar to Cabot Cliffs, Cabot Links can be found in Inverness, Nova Scotia, and was skillfully crafted by Rod Whitman in 2011. Notably, Cabot Links secures the 39th position among the top 100 golf courses in the country and stands as Canada’s sole authentic links golf resort.

This splendid golf destination features an 18-hole course, with a unique 10-hole version of the course unveiled in 2011. With total yardage stretching to 6,854 yards, Cabot Links promises a challenging and scenic golfing experience in a truly picturesque setting.

5. Hamilton Golf And Country Club, Ontario

Hamilton Golf And Country Club

Hamilton Golf And Country Club

The Hamilton Golf & Country Club, located in Ontario, Canada, is a prestigious golfing establishment that seamlessly blends tradition with modern excellence. Founded in 1916, this historic club boasts a rich heritage and has earned a prominent place among the top Canada golf courses.

Designed with meticulous care, it features an impeccably maintained 18-hole course that challenges and rewards golfers of all skill levels. Beyond the fairways, the club offers a welcoming clubhouse, dining facilities, and top-notch amenities for golfers to enjoy an exceptional golfing experience in a classic and picturesque Canadian setting.

6. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, Alberta

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course

Stanley Thompson, Canada’s preeminent golf course architect, showcased some of his finest craftsmanship with this creation. The 18-hole layout boasts elevated tee boxes, captivating bunkering, and holes strategically aligned with distant mountain panoramas. Few golf courses globally can rival the rugged splendor of this national gem, nestled amidst shimmering lakes, unspoiled woodlands, and imposing rocky peaks.

Distinguished for its formidable design and breathtaking scenery, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club has earned the esteemed accolade of being ranked as the #1 Golf Resort Course in Canada by SCOREGolf Magazine. More recently, in 2021, it secured the #2 spot among the top Canada golf courses, consistently maintaining its status among the nation’s premier public courses.

Each round played at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course embarks on a captivating journey amid the backdrop of majestic mountains. Wildlife is abundant here, from deer and elk to Canada Geese and the occasional inquisitive bear, offering a true Rocky Mountain golfing experience.

7. Capilano Golf and Country Club, BC

capilano golf and country club

Capilano Golf and Country Club

Capilano Golf and Country Club seamlessly melds natural splendor with world-class design to deliver an exclusive golfing experience for its members. Crafted amidst the rainforest by the esteemed Stanley Thompson, the course boasts generous tree-lined fairways, artistic bunkers, and breathtaking greensites that cater to golfers of all skill levels. With a distinct West Coast style, it is framed by the stunning North Shore Mountains, providing mesmerizing vistas of Vancouver and its surroundings.

The club’s members are not only passionate about golf but also fervent about embracing the North Shore lifestyle. Before or after a round, they convene with old friends and forge new connections, all while savoring the refined atmosphere and delectable cuisine offered within the club’s stately clubhouse.

8. Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course, Alberta

Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course - one of the most beautiful golf courses in Canada

Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course

Celebrated for its breathtaking vistas, The Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course, nestled in Alberta, presents an enthralling and demanding course situated within the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

This Alberta golfing gem provides two essential ingredients for an unforgettable golf getaway. Firstly, it offers awe-inspiring scenery in every direction. Secondly, it boasts a superbly designed course that exhilarates golfers fortunate enough to experience a day here.

Both novices and seasoned professionals are consistently captivated by its challenging layout. From meticulously crafted holes to the captivating optical illusions crafted by the surrounding mountains, this Alberta golf course is sure to enchant and challenge golfers of all levels.

9. Tobiano Golf Course, BC

Tobiano Golf Course

Tobiano Golf Course

Undoubtedly one of the best golf courses in Canada of its generation, Tobiano Golf Course has consistently garnered top honors since its grand debut in 2008, earning the title of “Best New Golf Course” and ultimately claiming the prestigious accolade of “Canada’s Best Golf Course” in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Nestled within the rugged lakeside terrain, few settings in Canada can rival Tobiano’s scenic beauty, with panoramic views of Kamloops Lake gracing every hole. Its layout features dramatic elevation changes, meandering ravines, natural grasses, inviting fairways, and meticulously contoured greens, rendering Tobiano not only one of the finest but also one of the most picturesque golf courses anywhere.

Golf course designer Thomas McBroom himself attests, “Tobiano is literally as good as it gets.”

Cape Breton Highlands Links

Cape Breton Highlands Links

At Cape Breton Highlands Links golf course, you have the chance to embark on an exceptionally distinctive golfing journey. This course, born during the waning years of The Great Depression as a federal “make work” initiative, officially welcomed golfers in 1941. Yet, it was not just any golf course; it was a canvas entrusted to Canada’s esteemed Golf Course Architect, Stanley Thompson, by Parks Canada – a canvas like no other.

Stanley Thompson, renowned for his work on iconic Canadian Railroad hotel courses such as Banff, Jasper, and St. Georges, outdid himself with Cape Breton Highlands Links, often considered his magnum opus. The course’s breathtaking walks and vistas alone are awe-inspiring.

While time, economics, and subsequent well-meaning Golf Course Architects have altered many of the 100+ courses designed by Stanley Thompson, Cape Breton Highlands Links remains almost exactly as the master Architect left it in the 1940s. It may not conform to the modern course aesthetics we’ve grown accustomed to. Maintenance practices harken back to the mid-20th century, with bunkers serving as true hazards, fairways offering challenging lies, and greens that are firm and undulating, ensuring no putt is straightforward over 18 holes.

11. Toronto Golf Club, Ontario

Toronto Golf Club 1

Toronto Golf Club 1

The Toronto Golf Club is a venerable institution with a rich golfing heritage. Established in 1876, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the country. This historic club boasts a classic 18-hole golf course, known for its traditional layout and challenging design. Over the years, it has been a host to numerous national and international tournaments, attracting top golfers from around the world. The Toronto Golf Club is not only a testament to the game’s enduring legacy but also a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking a timeless and exceptional golfing experience in the heart of Canada.

12. Memphremagog Golf Club, Quebec

Memphremagog Golf Club

Memphremagog Golf Club

The Memphremagog Golf Club, an exclusive private enclave limited to just fifty members, boasts a championship golf course consistently ranked among Canada’s Top 10. Situated outside of Montreal and often dubbed the “Augusta of the North,” this course follows a serpentine path through a captivating tree-lined landscape, offering a comprehensive challenge for every facet of your game.

The 6th hole epitomizes the course’s grandeur, spanning a lengthy 500-yard par 4. The downhill tee shot leads to a spacious yet demanding green. The 9th hole runs alongside a picturesque stream, necessitating a strategic lay-up before the water reappears on the approach. Other highlights include the beautifully designed 13th hole, featuring an exquisite green complex, and the 17th, exuding natural charm and character.

13. Muskoka Bay Club, Toronto

Muskoka Bay Club - best Canada golf courses

Muskoka Bay Club

Amidst the captivating backdrop of Canada’s wetlands and rugged ridges, golf course architect Doug Carrick has expertly fashioned a championship course called Muskoka Bay Club. This course is distinguished by its awe-inspiring elevation changes, rolling fairways, and impeccably manicured greens. This artful design strikes a perfect equilibrium, providing golfers of all levels with an engaging and enjoyable challenge.

14. Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club, Vancouver

Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club

Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club

Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club is also one of the best golf courses in Canada, nestled along the serene banks of the Fraser River on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam First Nation.

As you enter this exclusive golf and tennis enclave, just moments from Downtown Vancouver, BC, you’ll encounter a sanctuary of unparalleled beauty. With a golf course that has been tested by professionals, exceptional tennis facilities, a legacy of golfing tales, and a vibrant social community, Shaughnessy stands as a tribute to its unique grandeur while respecting its deep connection to the sacred lands of the Musqueam people.

15. The Paintbrush, Caledon East

The Paintbrush golf club

The Paintbrush Golf Club

A bold interpretation of a traditional Scottish links course, The Paintbrush Golf Club exudes authenticity right from the very first tee shot. Architects Dr. Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry wholeheartedly embraced the capriciousness and whimsy inherent to links golf, seamlessly incorporating it into their vision for Paintbrush.

While strolling through the picturesque countryside of Caledon, you’ll find yourself transported to the windswept coast of Fife on some holes, as if you’re playing just outside St. Andrews. On others, the landscape evokes the rugged beauty of Ballybunion along Ireland’s west coast.

Yet, every aspect of Paintbrush bears the distinctive touch of Hurdzan and Fry, culminating in an esteemed and revered golfing experience that is truly one-of-a-kind in Canada.

Above is the list of the top 15 best golf courses in Canada. Hope you choose a wonderful golf course to showcase your skills. If you know of any other courses to play in, please share us by commenting on the box below. Thank you so much for your reading!

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