What are the Best Golf Tees for your 2024 Games?

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best golf tees

Five-time PGA Tour winner Roger Maltbie had emphasized the importance of using a golf tee whenever possible, stating, “If it wasn’t an advantage, they would let us use one everywhere!” With this in mind, we’ve tested some of the most popular golf tees in the market. They are among the most affordable items you’ll purchase in the sport. However, as we detail in our guide below, finding the right one to suit your game is crucial.

Why Do You Need a Golf Tee?

A golf tee is an essential tool for golfers as it provides a stable platform for the ball at the start of each hole. It helps elevate the ball off the ground to reduce the resistance of the clubhead striking the ball, leading to cleaner and more accurate shots. This elevation also facilitates achieving the optimal angle of attack, which is crucial for maximizing distance and control.

Additionally, using a tee can help minimize the risk of ground interference that could affect the shot’s trajectory and distance.

Beyond performance benefits, golf tees are important for protecting the turf on golf courses, as they reduce the amount of direct contact between the club and the ground, thereby lessening divot damage.

Different Types of Golf Tees

Not all golf tees are created equal. Some manufacturers claim their tees can help the ball travel five yards farther, while others tout designs that reduce slicing. To find the best tee for your game, it’s important to understand the different types available.

Here are the main types of golf tees to consider for your next purchase:

Natural Wood

The traditional wooden tee is a classic choice. These tees are usually affordable and readily available. Golf courses prefer them because they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. However, wooden tees tend to break easily.


Plastic golf tees

Plastic golf tees

Plastic golf tees are much more durable and can often be reused for multiple rounds. The downside is that when they do break, they contribute to environmental waste.


Bamboo tees offer a balance between wooden and plastic tees. They are biodegradable like wooden tees but more durable. Bamboo is increasingly becoming a preferred material for many manufacturers due to its sustainability and strength.


Rubber tees are commonly used at driving ranges because they are extremely durable and can withstand repeated use. Some companies make rubber tees for the golf course, which are reusable. However, if lost, they pose a similar environmental issue as plastic ones.

Understanding these different materials can help you choose the right golf tee that suits your game and minimizes your environmental impact.

Best Golf Tees for 2024

1. Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1/4 inch ProLength Plus Tee

Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1_4 inch ProLength Plus Tee

Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1_4 inch ProLength Plus Tee

The ProLength Plus tee stands out not for its brand, but for its length. Measuring 3.25 inches and available up to 4 inches, it’s significantly longer than most standard tees. This extra length is crucial for many golfers aiming to increase their driving distance by hitting up on the ball. The simplest way to practice this technique is by teeing the ball higher.

Additionally, the ProLength Plus features distinctive paint that stands out against the grass, and it has a marked zone to ensure consistent tee height. This makes it an excellent choice for golfers looking to add more distance to their drives.

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2. Martini Golf Tees

Martini Golf Tees

Martini Golf Tees

Few things are more frustrating in golf than having the ball repeatedly fall off the tee while you’re bent over trying to set it up. This can lead to rushing your shot and hitting a poor drive. Whether due to nerves or age, teeing up the ball can sometimes become more challenging. In these situations, the Martini Golf Tee is an excellent choice.

The wide-brim cup securely holds the ball, eliminating the need to constantly retee. Additionally, the bright colors of the Martini tee stand out against the grass, making them easy to find and retrieve. This feature is particularly beneficial for seniors, making the Martini tee a valuable addition to their golf accessories.

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3. Flight Path Golf Tees

Flight Path Golf Tees

Flight Path Golf Tees

The Flightpath golf tees are distinguished by their unique design, featuring a series of ridges and grooves that guide the ball into the optimal position for a clean, accurate shot. This design reduces friction between the tee and the ball, promoting longer drives and more consistent ball flight.

Golfers using these tees have reported improved accuracy and distance, along with increased confidence on the course. Additionally, the durability of Flightpath tees is highly praised; they can be used multiple times without breaking or becoming damaged. This combination of performance and resilience makes Flightpath tees a valuable addition to any golfer’s equipment.

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Flightpath Golf Tee Review


4. YATTA Golf Telos Premium Golf Tees

YATTA Golf Telos Premium Golf Tees

YATTA Golf Telos Premium Golf Tees

Playing better golf often hinges on consistency – alignment, routine, and swing. Consistency in tee height is equally crucial, as it helps control the driver’s strike point. While paint marks can assist, YATTA offers a foolproof solution with the Telos tee. This tee features a small rubber disc that fits around its bulged stem.

Once set, you insert the tee into the ground up to the disc, ensuring it remains at the same height every time. Moreover, the rubber material, while not indestructible, is remarkably durable and can withstand significant wear and tear. The Telos tee simplifies achieving consistency, making it an excellent choice for golfers aiming to improve their game.

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5. Wedge Guys Professional Bamboo Golf Tees

Wedge Guys Professional Bamboo Golf Tees

Wedge Guys Professional Bamboo Golf Tees

Being an environmentally-conscious golfer can be challenging due to the significant carbon footprint associated with water use and course maintenance. However, there are simple steps to reduce this impact, such as choosing bamboo golf tees over hardwood or plastic varieties.

Bamboo grows ten times faster than hardwoods, making it a more sustainable option. Additionally, bamboo tees decompose much quicker than plastic ones, reducing long-term waste. Some reports even suggest that bamboo tees are gentler on mower blades than traditional tees, which might earn you the gratitude of your course superintendent. These small considerations add up, making bamboo tees an excellent eco-friendly choice for golfers looking to minimize their environmental impact.

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Golf Tee

When choosing golf tees, consider the quantity you need, the clubs you use, and what you seek from the tee itself.

  • Size of the Bag: Golf tees often come in large quantities. However, if you opt for plastic or special brush tees, you might only get four or five per pack. These are designed for repeated use, so you won’t need as many since they are not as disposable. Even if you use a tee that breaks every time, you only need 18 tees for a round of golf. Most golfers using quality bamboo or plastic tees need just 2 to 4 tees per round. Keep this in mind when stocking up for the season.
  • Types of Clubs You Have: Consider the size of your driver. Larger drivers require longer tees, sometimes up to 4 inches in height, to ensure the clubface lines up properly with the ball.
  • Game Improvement Factors: Be cautious with tees marketed for game improvement, as many are non-conforming to USGA rules. Tees designed to alter the ball’s flight, like anti-slice tees, are usually not USGA-approved. Non-conforming tees are often clearly marked. Here’s what makes a tee non-conforming: longer than 4 inches, alters the ball’s movement (direction and velocity), and manipulates the line of the hit. Using tees with indicators for proper height is advantageous and allowed by the rules. Some tees have rings to prevent them from being inserted too deeply, while others have color stripes for height indication.
  • Local Course and Environmental Regulations: Some courses ban plastic tees due to environmental concerns and maintenance issues. Check the rules of your local courses and consider bringing natural wood tees if required.
  • Visibility: Choose a tee color that stands out on the green. White golf tees are generally easy to spot. Colored tees can sometimes leave residue on your driver’s face, which is easily cleaned but something to consider if you prefer minimal maintenance.

Always focus on key factors when choosing a golf tee and avoid falling for marketing claims on these items.

The advantages of golf tees are undeniable, even seasonal pros need them. They are also inexpensive and will never break your wallet. So, choose a suitable golf tee to enhance your future game.

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