Why is Da Nang ideal destination for golf tours?

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Danang City

Vietnam golf tours allow you to mix passion and pleasure with the availability of the finest golf courses across the country. This article explains why Da Nang is the ideal destination for golfers.

Vietnam is attracting an increasing number of tourists every year thanks to its scenic beauty. The presence of lush green forest, sparkling water-bodies and a great climate seems alluring to most of the travelers. But, recently, Vietnam is getting all the prominence among the golf lovers for its beautiful and fine golf courses across the country. These golf courses in Da Nang along with some of the most scenic locations in Vietnam are accredited to international bodies and conforms to their requirements. But among all the golf destinations in Vietnam, the most comprehensive and ideal location is Danang, which has 4 of the best golf courses in Vietnam, namely: BRG Danang Golf Resort, Montgomerie Links, Laguna Lang Co Golf Club, and Ba Na Hills Golf Clubs.

These are all full range and well-designed golf clubs with great facilities to support the players. Other than this, check out some other following reasons which make Danang the most sought-after golfing destination in Vietnam.

1. Awesome Scenery

Son Tra Beach

This is one of the key reason why the golf tours in Danang are gaining so much popularity among other places in Vietnam. All the golf courses are at a close proximity of the sea, which makes the soil soft and sandy. The grasses are of different varieties and they feel great while teeing. This helps the golfers to play their games at ease. The grounds are surrounded by picturesque surroundings and complimented with natural barriers inside the golf course. This makes the overall games quite challenging and exciting. The designers of the golf courses also make sure to insert artificial landscaping at some of the locations where the general landscape was too simple.

2. Favorable Weather

Da Nang City

Though the atmosphere can become a bit hot at some of the golf courses, most of the other ones provide you with the ideal climatic condition with optimum temperature to play a long game without feeling drained out. Moreover, whatever the season maybe, it is always on the moderate side with a fair amount of breeze blowing in almost all the time. The players neither feels any chills nor do sweat out much while playing golf here.

3. Adequate Facilities

All the golf courses are equipped with proper facilities and can serve your needs regarding the golfing requirements. They can rent you the clubs and shoes so that you do not feel lost even if you are in the wrong shoes or failed to buy any clubs for the game before reaching the places. The prices are quite reasonable and the quality of service provided is great.

4. Experienced caddies


Laguna Lang Co Golf Club

Laguna Lang Co Golf Club

Caddies are said to be the best friends of a golfer and the caddies in Danang will show you why. They are extremely friendly, give you advice based on their experiences and follow the golf ball everywhere. They have quite a keen eye for details and know the golf course well, which helps them to find the ball soon and from some of the seemingly impossible locations. It will save you a lot of time and you can concentrate more on playing, and stop worrying about the ball.

5. Great Clubhouse

All the golf courses have immensely supportive clubhouses attached to them. These can provide you with a hearty meal, great drinks, and even services like Jacuzzi, steam rooms, spa and massage to soothe your tiring muscles after a long day of play. The charges are reasonable. They even have beautiful stores that can provide you with lots of merchandise and products that you can take them away as souvenirs.

Danang is one of the major ports in Vietnam and the fourth largest city. The golf courses in Danang are the most popular ones in Central Vietnam. If you are still contemplating the idea of visiting the most beautiful and professional golf courses, Danang must be your ideal choice.

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