5 Days Golf in Laos: Prepare to Swing into Paradise

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5 days golf in Laos

Imagine yourself teeing off amidst a breathtaking landscape of emerald rice paddies and rolling mountains that kiss the clouds. This isn’t a scene from a dream, but a reality waiting for you on 5 days golf in Laos. Forget the usual golfing destinations; Laos, a Southeast Asian gem, offers a unique blend of challenging courses, stunning scenery, and rich cultural experiences that will leave you wanting more.

So, ditch the ordinary and get ready to swing your way through an unforgettable Laotian golfing getaway!

Plan Your Golf Holiday in Laos

Choose the Best Time to Visit Laos

Laos golfing weather overview

Laos Golfing Weather Overview

Timing is key to truly maximizing your 5 days golf in Laos. The best time to visit Laos for a golf holiday falls between November and April. During this dry season, you’ll experience pleasant daytime temperatures, mostly sunny skies, and minimal rain. This translates to ideal conditions on the course – no battling the elements or soggy greens to slow you down. Plus, with the Mekong River at its highest water levels between November and January, it’s the perfect time for a scenic boat trip, adding another dimension to your Laotian adventure.

However, if you’re open to embracing the lush greenery and don’t mind the occasional downpour, shoulder seasons (October and May) can offer some advantages. You’ll encounter fewer crowds and potentially find better deals on travel and accommodation. Just be prepared to pack an umbrella and adjust your tee times around any passing rain showers.

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Apply for a Laos Visa

Visa requirements for Laos can depend on your nationality. Citizens from certain countries, like Thailand and Vietnam, can enjoy visa-free entry to Laos for stays of up to 30 days. If your country isn’t visa-exempt, you might be eligible for a Visa on Arrival at designated entry points in Laos, like major airports and land borders. This visa typically allows for a stay of 30 days. However, it is always best to double-check eligibility and any fees associated with a Visa on Arrival beforehand.

Laos also offers an electronic visa (eVisa) application process for some nationalities. This can be a convenient option if you prefer to arrange your visa online before your trip. Processing time can vary, so factor that in when planning your 5 days golf in Laos.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information on visa requirements specific to your nationality, it is highly recommended to consult the official Laotian government website or your local Laotian embassy/consulate.

Determine Which Golf Courses to Play

While Laos might not be the first country that springs to mind for a golfing vacation, it boasts a surprising selection of courses nestled amidst stunning landscapes. Golf courses in Laos cater to golfers of various skill levels, with some offering championship-level layouts, while others provide a more relaxed golfing experience. Many courses are known for their scenic beauty, incorporating rolling hills, lush greenery, and even glimpses of the mighty Mekong River.

You will find most golf courses concentrated in major tourist destinations like Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Vang Vieng. This allows you to seamlessly blend your golfing adventure with cultural exploration and breathtaking natural scenery.

Long Thanh Vientiane Golf Club

Long Thanh Vientiane Golf Club

Some must-play golf courses during your 5 days in Laos include:

Remember, this is just the starting point. Depending on your preferences and desired locations, you might consider exploring other courses, like the SEA Games Golf Club or Pakse Golf Club.

Find Off-Course Activities

While Laos offers fantastic golfing, there’s a whole world waiting for you beyond the course! In Luang Prabang, you can explore the captivating temples and witness the traditional alms-giving ceremony, a serene and spiritual experience that offers a glimpse into Laotian beliefs. In Vientiane, visit the iconic Patuxay monument, a striking Arc de Triomphe-inspired landmark, or delve into the fascinating exhibits at the COPE Visitor Education Center, learning about Laos’s recent history and ongoing bomb clearance efforts.

Mekong River Cruise in Laos

Mekong River Cruise in Laos

If you are an adventurer, take a scenic boat trip down the Mekong River, the lifeblood of Laos, soaking in the breathtaking scenery of verdant mountains and traditional villages that line the banks. Kayak down the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and lush greenery. Hike through the mountainous terrain near Phou Hin Beng National Biodiversity Conservation Area and encounter stunning waterfalls cascading through the jungle.

Sampling the vibrant Laotian cuisine, a delicious blend of fresh ingredients and regional spices is also a must. From sticky rice and spicy papaya salads to noodle soups and grilled meats, Laotian food is a culinary adventure. Indulge in a cooking class and learn to recreate your favorite dishes at home, bringing a taste of Laos back with you. Explore bustling night markets, where you can find everything from handcrafted souvenirs like textiles and woven baskets to local delicacies like skewered meats and fresh spring rolls.

After a day on the course, unwind with a traditional Lao massage, a soothing experience that incorporates stretching and acupressure techniques. Visit a peaceful temple and soak in the serenity of Buddhist traditions. Take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Kuang Si Waterfalls, a series of cascading pools surrounded by lush jungle for a refreshing and picturesque escape.

Suggested Itinerary for 5 Days Golf in Laos

Day 1: Arrive in Laos. If time permits, you can join a half-day city tour to visit major tourist destinations like the Patuxay Monument, Pha That Luang, Wat Si Muang, Wat Sisaket, etc.

Day 2: Golf at Mekong Golf Resort. This is quite an easy-to-play golf course in Laos with wide fairways and just a few water hazards. Most fairways are lined with thickets of natural vegetation and hundreds of indigenous trees. The greens are always well-maintained to ensure a good golfing experience all year round.

Day 3: Golf at Lao Country Club. This is one of the oldest golf courses in Laos with rolling hills, relaxing greens, and challenging waterways. After the game, you can relax at the clubhouse with some delicious Laos dishes.

Day 4: Golf at Dansavanh Golf Club. This 14,800-hectare golf course will bring you an experience of golfing amidst the breathtaking nature as it covers part of the Nam Ngum Lake and Phou Khao Khouay Mountain.

Day 5: Depart Laos.

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>>> If Vientiane with the above-mentioned golf courses is not your favorite destination, embark on this 5 days golf in Luang Prabang for a different experience of golfing in Laos.

Foods to Eat in 5 Days in Laos

Sticky Rice (Khao Niao)

This isn’t your average side dish. Khao Niao is a staple food in Laos, steamed in a special bamboo basket that imparts a slightly sweet and fragrant aroma. The sticky texture makes it perfect for scooping up other dishes, and it’s often served alongside grilled meats, stews, and spicy salads.

Laab (Lao Minced Meat Salad)

This flavorful dish is a symphony of textures and tastes. Laab typically features minced chicken, pork, or even fish, seasoned with a vibrant blend of herbs like lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves. The addition of chilies adds a delightful kick, while toasted rice powder gives it a satisfying crunch. Laab is usually served with fresh vegetables and sticky rice, creating a well-rounded and delicious meal.

Ping Gai (Lao Grilled Chicken)

Ping Gai (Laos Grilled Chicken)

Ping Gai (Laos Grilled Chicken)

Simplicity reigns supreme with Ping Gai. Tender chicken is marinated in a mixture of lemongrass, shallots, fish sauce, and other spices, then grilled to juicy perfection. The smoky char from the grill infuses the chicken with a depth of flavor, and the accompanying dipping sauce, often featuring chilies, lime juice, and fish sauce, adds a refreshing tang. Ping Gai is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for a casual lunch or a shared dinner with friends.

5 days golf in Laos can unveil a world of unexpected delights. Imagine leaving the course each day with a swing in your step and a heart brimming with cultural experience. Ditch the ordinary and tee off on an extraordinary Laotian golfing getaway. Book your trip today and discover the magic that awaits in this Southeast Asian gem. You will return home with a bag full of memories, a renewed appreciation for the game, and a yearning to explore more of Laos’ hidden treasures.

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