Top 15 Best Golf Courses in Argentina 2024/2025

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best golf courses in Argentina

Argentina, a country renowned for its passionate culture and breathtaking landscapes, is also a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts. Home to nearly 350 golf courses, this country offers a diverse array of golfing experiences, from courses set against the backdrop of the majestic Andes to those fringing the vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. In this article, we explore the top 15 best golf courses in Argentina, showcasing the finest that the country has to offer. Each course, a testament to the country’s growing reputation in the golfing world, promises a unique blend of challenging play, stunning scenery, and world-class facilities.

Join us as we tee off on a journey through the best Argentina golf courses, a destination rapidly becoming a must-visit for golfers around the globe.

Best Golf Courses in Argentina for 2024 Golf Tours

1. Mar Del Plata Golf Club

Location: Mar del Plata – Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar Del Plata Golf Club

Mar Del Plata Golf Club

Mar Del Plata Golf Club is one of the finest golf courses in Argentina. This prestigious club, established in 1900, is among the oldest in the country, showcasing a rich history that’s as captivating as its course. The 18-hole layout, designed by the legendary golf architect Alex Ross, gracefully meanders along the Atlantic coastline, offering stunning ocean views that complement the challenging play.

The course is characterized by its natural undulations, strategic bunkers, and well-maintained fairways and greens, providing a balanced test for golfers of all skill levels. Playing at Mar Del Plata Golf Club is like immersing yourself in a historic setting where the sport’s heritage is palpable. The classic clubhouse adds to the overall experience thanks to the welcoming ambiance and panoramic views, making Mar Del Plata Golf Club a cherished destination for golf enthusiasts visiting Argentina.

2. Chapelco Golf Club

Location: Neuquén Province, Argentina

Chapelco Golf Club

Chapelco Golf Club

This wonderful course layout is located in the scenic region of San Martin de los Andes. Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and his son, this stunning 18-hole course blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Patagonian landscape. Chapelco was opened to the public in 2006 and quickly became famous for its breathtaking views of the Andes mountains, which provide a majestic backdrop to every round.

The course itself is a masterful composition of challenging fairways, strategically placed hazards, and impeccably maintained greens, making it both a test and a delight for golfers of varying abilities.

The clubhouse provides the perfect setting for relaxation and socializing after a game with an elegant design and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Olivos Golf Club

Location: Ruta Panamericana Km 32, Ramal Pilar, B1613, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Olivos Golf Club

Olivos Golf Club

Olivos Golf Club, situated just outside the bustling city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is celebrated as one of the best golf courses in Argentina. This prestigious club, boasting a rich history dating back to its founding in 1926, features a 27-hole course designed by Luther Koontz, an American architect renowned for his skillful layouts. The course is divided into three distinct 9-hole courses – Colorada, Blanca, and Azul – each offering a unique challenge amidst beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Renowned for hosting numerous national and international tournaments, including the Argentine Open, Olivos Golf Club is characterized by its well-manicured fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and fast, undulating greens. The tree-lined fairways and subtle elevation changes provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all levels.

4. Buenos Aires Golf Club

Location: Mayor Irusta 3777 (Camino del Buen Ayre km 18.5), 1661 Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Golf Club

Buenos Aires Golf Club

Buenos Aires Golf Club is located in the picturesque suburbs of Argentina’s vibrant capital and stands as an emblem of golfing elegance and challenge. Established in 1994, this relatively newer club has quickly gained a reputation as one of the top Argentina golf courses, notably hosting the 2000 World Cup of Golf. The club features a 27-hole course, designed by the esteemed American architect Robert von Hagge, and is known for creating some of the most visually stunning and challenging courses in the world.

The layout of Buenos Aires Golf Club is a harmonious blend of aesthetic beauty and strategic complexity. It boasts sprawling fairways, large, challenging water hazards, and well-guarded greens, set against a backdrop of mature trees and picturesque landscaping. Each hole offers a different challenge, ensuring a varied and memorable experience for golfers.

5. Jockey Golf Club

Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jockey Golf Club

Jockey Golf Club

Founded in 1950, Jockey Golf Club has established itself as a cornerstone of Argentine golf with a rich history and a vibrant golfing community. The club features two impressive 18-hole courses, the Colorada and the Azul, each offering a unique blend of scenic beauty and golfing challenges.

Renowned for their meticulously maintained fairways and greens, the courses at Jockey Club are characterized by their strategic layouts, with well-placed bunkers and water hazards that test the skills and decision-making of golfers at every level. The tree-lined fairways provide a tranquil escape from the bustling city, while the challenging greens keep the game interesting and engaging.

6. El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort & Country Club

Location: Los Paredones, Alta Gracia, Argentina

El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort & Country Club

El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort & Country Club

El Potrerillo de Larreta Resort & Country Club offers an exquisite blend of luxury and sport. Situated in the serene province of Córdoba, this club is a part of a stunning estate that dates back to the early 20th century, boasting a history as rich as its surroundings. The 18-hole course, designed by renowned architect Emilio Serra, is set against the backdrop of the picturesque Sierras de Córdoba, offering breathtaking views at every turn.

The course meanders through a landscape of rolling hills, pristine lakes, and native trees, providing a tranquil yet challenging golfing experience. Each hole is carefully crafted to harmonize with the natural terrain, creating a seamless integration of natural beauty and strategic play.

7. Martindale Country Club

Location: Av. Pres. Juan Domingo Peron 2375, Pres. Derqui, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martindale Country Club

Martindale Country Club

Martindale Country Club is a perfect blend of challenge and beauty. Established in 1989, this club has swiftly risen to prominence in the Argentine golfing community. It is designed by the renowned duo of Emilio Serra and Marcos Capdepont with a par 72 layout that stretches over 7,000 yards, offering a compelling challenge to golfers of all skill levels.

The course is known for its immaculately maintained fairways and greens, set amidst a landscape of mature trees, serene lakes, and natural undulations. Strategic bunkering and thoughtful hole designs require careful shot selection and course management, making each round both challenging and rewarding.

8. Nordelta Golf Club

Location: Avenida del Golf s/n, B1670 Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nordelta Golf Club

Nordelta Golf Club

Nordelta Golf Club, situated in the exclusive Nordelta community near Buenos Aires, is a modern marvel in the golfing world. Designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, this 18-hole course is a testament to contemporary golf architecture, blending challenge and aesthetics. Since its opening in 2007, Nordelta Golf Club has become a symbol of luxury and high-quality golfing in Argentina.

The course, with its meticulous design, features sprawling fairways, strategically placed hazards, and undulating greens that provide a thorough test of skill for golfers. The integration of water elements adds both beauty and complexity to the gameplay. The backdrop of the scenic Tigre Delta, combined with the course’s modern layout, creates a unique golfing experience.

9. Cordoba Golf Club

Location: Santiago Derqui, A Villa Allende Golf 30, X5105JAB Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina

Cordoba Golf Club

Cordoba Golf Club

Cordoba Golf Club holds a special place in the heart of Argentina golfing scene Established in 1927, this venerable club is renowned not only for its rich history but also for its stunning natural setting. The course, designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, one of the most celebrated golf architects, offers a unique blend of traditional design and natural beauty.

This 18-hole course meanders through rolling hills and native trees, presenting a scenic yet challenging layout for golfers. Its fairways are lined with a variety of indigenous flora, and natural water bodies add to the course’s strategic complexity. Each hole offers a different challenge, requiring thoughtful strategy and precise execution.

Cordoba Golf Club is a true golfer’s delight, providing an opportunity to enjoy a classic golfing experience amidst the tranquil beauty of the Argentinian countryside. It’s a course where the game’s history and the region’s natural splendor come together in perfect harmony.

10. San Isidro Golf Club

Location: Av. Juan Segundo Fernández 386, B1642AMQ San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Isidro Golf Club

San Isidro Golf Club

Founded in 1912, San Isidro Golf Club stands as one of the oldest and most respected golf courses in Argentina. The course, renowned for its classic design, offers a blend of historical charm and modern challenge.

Carefully manicured fairways and greens weave through a mature landscape of towering trees and natural obstacles, providing a serene yet stimulating golfing environment. The course layout, with its strategic bunkering and varied hole designs, tests the skills of both amateur and professional golfers. Each round at San Isidro is not just a game, but a journey through the rich history of Argentine golf.

San Isidro Golf Club has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, cementing its status as a premier golfing destination. The club’s dedication to preserving the integrity and tradition of the sport makes it a cherished venue for golf enthusiasts seeking an authentic golf experience in Argentina.

11. El Desafio Mountain Resort

Location: RN40, San Martin de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina

El Desafio Mountain Resort

El Desafio Mountain Resort

Designed to harmoniously blend with its surroundings, El Desafio provides an escape into a world of serene landscapes and upscale amenities. The resort features a range of activities that cater to both relaxation and adventure seekers. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the challenging mountain course, designed to complement the rugged terrain, offering both scenic beauty and a test of skill. The resort’s proximity to the mountains allows for a host of outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, and fishing in pristine rivers.

The accommodations at El Desafio are a blend of elegance and rustic charm, providing a cozy retreat after a day of exploration. The resort’s commitment to offering a unique experience makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a blend of luxury, adventure, and the tranquility of the Patagonian wilderness.

12. San Andres Golf Club

Location: Ituzaingó 2736, B1651 San Andres, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Andres Golf Club

San Andres Golf Club

San Andres Golf Club holds a special place in the country’s golfing landscape. Established in 1892, it is revered as Argentina’s oldest golf club, steeped in history and tradition. The club has played a pivotal role in the development of golf in South America, hosting numerous prestigious tournaments over the years.

The course itself, designed with a classic style, offers a seamless blend of historical charm and golfing challenge. Its well-manicured fairways are lined with mature trees, and the strategic placement of bunkers and natural obstacles adds complexity to each hole. The course layout encourages strategic thinking and precision, providing an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Playing at San Andres Golf Club is like taking a step back in time, where the rich heritage of the sport is palpable in every corner of the club. It’s a place where the past and present of Argentine golf meet, offering a timeless golfing experience.

13. Pilara Golf Club

Location: Panamericana km 56,5, B1670 Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pilara Golf Club

Pilara Golf Club

Pilara Golf Club is one of the newest golf courses in Argentina. Opened in the 21st century, Pilara stands out with its modern design and top-notch facilities, quickly becoming a favorite among the local and international golfing community.

The course, designed by the renowned American architect, Randall Thompson, offers a unique playing experience that harmoniously blends with the natural landscape of the region. It features sprawling fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and challenging water hazards, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Argentinian countryside. The course is known for its impeccable maintenance and the thoughtful layout of each hole, which tests the skills and strategy of golfers at every level.

14. Los Canales de Plottier Patagonia Golf and Country Club

Location: 8300 Plottier, Neuquén, Argentina

Los Canales de Plottier Patagonia Golf and Country Club

Los Canales de Plottier Patagonia Golf and Country Club

Los Canales de Plottier Patagonia Golf and Country Club is a jewel in the crown of South American golf. This club, set against the majestic backdrop of the Patagonian landscape, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and golfing excellence. The course is ingeniously designed to integrate with the region’s stunning geography and features a layout that is both challenging and visually captivating.

The club’s 18-hole course, with its wide, undulating fairways and strategically placed hazards, provides an enjoyable yet testing experience for golfers of all abilities. The panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the pristine Patagonian environment add an extra layer of pleasure to the game.

Los Canales de Plottier is more than a golfing venue; it’s a retreat into the heart of nature, where the sport is played amidst breathtaking scenery. The club’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of its setting, while offering a top-tier golfing experience, makes it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts venturing into Argentina’s Patagonian region.

15. Termas de Rio Hondo Golf Club

Location: Av. Costanera s/n, G4220 Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Termas de Rio Hondo Golf Club

Termas de Rio Hondo Golf Club

Termas de Rio Hondo Golf Club offers a unique and immersive golfing experience, combining the sport with the serene beauty of the Santiago del Estero province. Situated in the famous spa city known for its hot springs, this golf club presents a distinct blend of relaxation and golfing challenges.

The course at Termas de Rio Hondo is a marvel of design, offering an 18-hole layout that caters to both seasoned golfers and beginners. The course traverses a varied landscape, featuring gentle hills, natural water bodies, and lush vegetation. This setting not only provides a picturesque backdrop but also adds a strategic element to the game, with each hole presenting its unique challenges.

The club capitalizes on its location in a spa city by offering facilities that allow golfers to unwind and rejuvenate after a day on the course. The combination of excellent golfing facilities and the tranquil, health-oriented environment of the surrounding region makes Termas de Rio Hondo Golf Club a unique destination. Here, golfers can enjoy a round in a peaceful setting and then indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the local hot springs, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking both sport and relaxation.

Above is the list of the 15 best golf courses in Argentina. Know any other courses that are worth playing, don’t hesitate to share us by commenting on the box below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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