5 Reasons Dubai Should Be Your Next Golf Destination

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Why Golf in Dubai

Dubai offers an incredible opportunity for a memorable golf getaway. With a multitude of courses available across various price ranges, it caters to diverse preferences. The weather is delightful, with comfortably pleasant temperatures year-round. The accommodations are renowned for their exceptional quality, providing a world-class experience. Additionally, Dubai boasts a multitude of captivating attractions. Here, we present the five compelling reasons to golf in Dubai and help you understand why this city should be your ultimate choice for an extraordinary golfing expedition.

1. Wonderful Golf Courses

In Dubai, golf enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with a remarkable selection of courses, including the prestigious venues hosting renowned events like the Dubai Desert Classic and DP World Tour Championship. These tournaments showcase the exceptional quality of golf in Dubai. However, with a total of 10 golf clubs available, visitors on their next golf holiday in UAE have abundant options.

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Leading the way since the late 80s, The Majlis Course at The Emirates Golf Club epitomizes excellence. Over the years, numerous world-class facilities have emerged, each offering a unique golfing experience. For a quintessential desert golf adventure, Arabian Ranches, located on the outskirts of Dubai’s bustling city hub, is an ideal choice. Other notable courses such as Dubai Creek, The Els Club, and Dubai Hills, among many others, boast impeccable conditions that are customary in Dubai. Moreover, they offer exceptional practice and off-course amenities, providing a comprehensive service that makes visitors feel like esteemed members for the day.

While the sun shines incessantly in Dubai, golf enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the game during their stay need not worry. They can enjoy playing at numerous courses even after sunset. Night Golf, an unforgettable experience, sets Dubai apart as one of the few destinations in the world that allows golfing under the enchanting floodlights, creating a unique atmosphere. Playing a few holes, perhaps after indulging in some drinks and a delectable meal, is an absolute must.

The combination of remarkable courses, unparalleled facilities, and the opportunity for night golf in Dubai make it an exceptional destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.

2. Golf in the Desert – A New & Unique Experience

Just more than one hour’s drive from Dubai you can reach Al Ghazal Golf Club – one of the best sand golf courses in the world, providing golfers a true dessert golfing experience.

Al Ghazal Golf Club

Playing golf at Al Ghazal in Dubai is a testament to the sport’s desert origins, reminiscent of the days when players had to navigate through sandy dunes with limited visibility. The fairways of Al Ghazal do not feature a single blade of grass; instead, they are composed of natural sand. The tees, on the other hand, are made of synthetic grass mats.

Your golf in Dubai experience would be incomplete without experiencing the unique adventure of playing a round at Al Ghazal. It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, as it not only pays homage to the city but also offers an unforgettable golfing experience that is unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.

3. Perfect Golfing Weather

When planning a golf holiday in Dubai, basking in the sun while playing golf is almost guaranteed, as the city receives a mere 20 days of precipitation on average each year only.

Throughout the year, temperatures in Dubai range from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. Although summers can be scorching, golf enthusiasts can enjoy the sport virtually any time of day, thanks to the favorable climate. With an average monthly temperature of 27.5 degrees Celsius, there are ample opportunities to work on your golfer’s tan. Even after sunset, golfing remains an option in Dubai. While a light golf jumper may occasionally be needed, the warm temperatures persist well into the night, allowing for unforgettable rounds under the floodlights at various courses that offer night golf in the region.

4. High-end Accommodation Services

One of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai

One of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai

Dubai, known as one of the world’s wealthiest cities, unsurprisingly houses some of the finest hotels on the planet. Among them, the iconic Burj Al Arab stands out as the renowned “world’s only 7-star hotel,” offering unparalleled luxury and an exquisite experience for those seeking the ultimate indulgence during their Dubai golf holiday. Naturally, such opulence comes at a premium. However, for those who prefer a slightly more affordable yet still lavish 5-star experience, Dubai presents an extensive selection of top-notch hotels that cater to diverse tastes and budgets.

5. Amazing Things to Do out of Course

Fun things to do in Dubai

Fun things to do in Dubai

Dubai presents a captivating blend of Arabian culture and modern marvels, creating a unique juxtaposition. The region’s astonishing wealth has given rise to awe-inspiring contemporary attractions, coexisting with the charm of traditional desert life and ancient heritage waiting to be explored.

While we’ll delve into the exploration of traditional desert living and ancient culture shortly, let’s take a glimpse at the exciting activities available to golfers during their holiday away from the greens.

Dubai offers an extraordinary range of experiences that exemplify the city’s “bigger, better, and bolder” ethos. Imagine speeding down a black slope at Ski Dubai or savoring a delightful meal on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building. Retail enthusiasts will find themselves at home in The Mall of The Emirates, where endless shopping opportunities await. For those seeking a beach escape, Dubai’s sun-kissed shores beckon, inviting you to bask in the sun and partake in exhilarating water sports.

As a land that emerged from the desert, Dubai never lacks sand. Before experiencing an enchanting night under the desert sky and immersing yourself in traditional Arabian living, don’t miss the chance to engage in sandboarding or the thrilling adventure of dune bashing in a speedy 4×4 vehicle.

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The UAE, especially Dubai, has consistently embraced a proactive mindset aimed at achieving excellence, resulting in the development of some of the world’s most lavish destinations. This allure attracts golf enthusiasts from around the globe. Golf in UAE is also enriched by the presence of breathtaking beaches and luxurious shopping malls, creating an all-encompassing indulgence. The UAE has truly spared no effort to ensure that golfers worldwide can enjoy an exceptional golfing excursion in this remarkable destination.

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