10 Best Golf Courses in North Vietnam for 2024/2025

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In the verdant heart of North Vietnam, a region once known for its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, a new allure has risen for golf enthusiasts around the world. Here, amidst the scenic beauty, the best golf courses in North Vietnam beckon with their unique charm and challenges, offering an experience that blends the spirit of the game with the region’s natural splendor.

Imagine yourself on a crisp morning, greeted by the serene ambiance of a beautifully designed golf course. The air is fresh, carrying a hint of adventure as you prepare to navigate through these meticulously crafted greens. Each course in North Vietnam is a masterpiece, harmonizing the allure of nature with the artistry of golf course design. It’s not just about playing a round; it’s about immersing yourself in an experience that captivates both your skills and senses.

Picture the sun casting its first light over undulating hills, transforming the landscape into a canvas of vibrant greens and earthy hues. The courses here are more than just a series of holes; they are a journey through diverse terrains, each offering its own set of challenges and rewards. From the gentle slopes that test your strategic play to the tranquil waters that demand precision, every element adds to the richness of the game.

These golf courses are also a reflection of North Vietnam’s warm hospitality. The camaraderie among players, coupled with the staff’s friendly and attentive service, adds a layer of comfort and enjoyment to your experience. It’s a place where culture and sport intertwine, offering a glimpse into the heart of this region’s traditions and values.

As you traverse these top golf courses, you’ll find that each hole tells a story. Whether it’s the cleverly placed bunkers, the gentle curves of the fairways, or the stunning vistas that accompany your play, there’s a sense of discovery and achievement at every turn.

To sum up, if your journey brings you to North Vietnam and you seek the pinnacle of golfing experiences, you’ll find it here. These courses are not just about the game but about an adventure that captures the essence of the region’s beauty and the spirit of golf. In North Vietnam, golf is more than a sport; it’s an experience that entwines the joy of playing with the majesty of nature and the warmth of local culture.

1. Sapa Grand Golf Course

Nestled in the picturesque Bat Xat region of northwest Vietnam, near the China border, lies the Sapa Grand Golf Course, also known as Lao Cai Golf Course. This stunning golfing destination, crafted by the renowned Sun Group and designed by the international golf course design company IMG, stands as the province’s first publicly accessible course. It’s a perfect blend of challenge and accessibility, catering to both local Vietnamese golfers and international enthusiasts alike.

Sapa Grand Golf Course

Sapa Grand Golf Course

The creative design of this course has turned its geographical challenge into a spectacular feature. Due to the limited space on the hillside terrain, the integration of all 18 holes required ingenuity. The course weaves through the valleys and stretches along ridges, each turn offering breathtaking views of the lush Vietnamese countryside. The varying elevations across the course not only add a visual appeal but also enhance the golfing experience with their unique challenges.

A signature element of Sapa Grand Golf Course is its integration with the natural landscape, particularly the presence of lakes, streams, and waterfalls that elegantly wind through the bottom of the course. This water feature becomes a strategic and aesthetic aspect of the game, especially from the twelfth to the seventeenth hole, where it intersects with six of the holes.

The course’s diverse topography includes narrow ridges and deep valleys. The Red River, a natural border between China and Vietnam, is visible from several holes, adding an international backdrop to your game. The fertile soil is occasionally broken by striking rocky outcrops, while the native grasses, shrubs, and trees that line the fairways and course perimeter can be unforgiving to off-target shots.

To ensure an enjoyable experience for golfers at every skill level, Sapa Grand Golf Course features five sets of tees per hole, wide fairways, and generous greens. The course has chosen platinum paspalum grass for its playing surfaces, promising excellent conditions, although its resilience in the cooler North Vietnam mountain climate is an aspect of intrigue.

The golfing experience is completed with a modern clubhouse at Lao Cai, which includes all the essential amenities. Golf carts, skilled caddies, and a variety of food and beverage options are readily available, ensuring convenience and comfort for every golfer visiting Sapa. This golf course is not just a place to play; it’s an immersive experience that captures the essence of the region’s natural beauty and the spirit of the game.

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2. BRG King’s Island Golf Resort

Kings’ Island Golf Resort

This golf course is about 1 hour driving to west from Hanoi city, a very famous and beautiful couse in Hanoi that you should not miss if have chance, on arrival you will get speed boat across Dong Mo Lake to an exclusive hideaway island which awaits you to test your golf abilities, all courses are separated from main land on an Island and you will immerse yourself in the scenery which you are surrounded in, keep away from city noisy

The complex exists of 54 holes, Par 72 and is divided to 3 courses, Lakeside Course was designed in 1993 by a gentleman named Robert McFarland of the United States. Mountainview Course was designed in 2004 by Pacific Coast Designs (PCD) based out of Australia.

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3. Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is about an hour and a half drive from Ha Noi. It is located in the Vietnam, Ha Noi, ChuongMy prefecture, and Van Son Lake area. SkyLake is well known as the best 36 hole golf course near Hanoi city with beautiful view and world class course condition. Curvy mountains and peaceful lake will be the most suitable place for you to get away from busy urban life.

The Sky Course is the work of Bori Golf Design Ltd and lead designer Mr. Ahn Moon Hwan. The Lake Course, at 7,557 yards, was voted the 2012 / 2013 Most Challenging Course in Vietnam by the Vietnam Golf Association. It offers the golfer varying elevations and topography as the course weaves its way around the Van Son Lake which sits prominently in the center of the golf course.

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4. Van Tri Golf Club

Van Tri Golf Club

Van Tri Golf Club is the first privately-owned golf club in Vietnam and is situated about 4 km from Hanoi through the Noi Bai Highway. This golf course was built way back in 2007 by the designer Peter Rousseau. Since this is privately owned club, it has all the amenities suited to private members’ tastes with international cuisines in the clubhouse and high standards of service. However, this golf club membership is just restricted to 400 members. Because of its characteristic of ownership, Van Tri Golf Club is ideal for all levels of golfers who would like to spend some time alone with their friends, family or business associates.

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5. Phoenix Golf resort

Phoenix Golf Resort

Phoenix Golf Resort is located in Yongbong Village, Long Son district and is 38km away from Hanoi city. It has a beautiful view beyond description so it is called HaLong Bay of the land

Designed by Ronald Fream, Phoenix golf resort has 54 holes, Par 72, each of the three courses at Phoenix Golf Resort makes use of severe fairway and green undulations as well as clever routing through and around the unique-looking limestone cliffs. Additional Japanese and Korean design inputs ensure that the surrounding environment is both well protected and stunning at the same time. The three courses are named Phoenix, Dragon and Champion Courses.

Phoenix Course was planned by golf course planner Ronald W. Fream(Golf Plan, USA) and constructed by two shapers Calvin Sylva(USA) and Ron Leck who is one of the able pupils of Jack Nicklaus.

Dragon Course was planned by Chairman Lee Dae-bong, Charmvit Group, He is recognized as the best talented golf course shaper in Japan with experiences over 20 Asian reputed golf courses as well as Yanji Haeran River CC(China), Namchon CC(Korea) and Busan Tongdosa CC.

Master Course was planned by Songho Golf Design Group, Korea(Represented by Song Ho).

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6. Hilltop Vally Golf Club

Hilltop Valley Golf Club

Hilltop Valley Golf Club is located about 60 kilometers west of Hanoi and is accessible by highway in over 1 hour

This course has 27-holes, IMG designed golf course offering a unique challenge amidst the breathtaking scenery of a mountain range with views of hills, valley, and the Da River

This course is exclusive and different from most other Vietnam golf courses as it has severe elevation changes from one point to another. With its varied terrain, plenty of green space, and beautiful views, it makes for a unique golf course and many memorable holes. The Paspalum grassed course’s lush green color contrasts with the white sand bunkers and red rocky outcrops.  As the course matures, it will develop a good reputation among Vietnam golf courses as a pleasant and well-maintained resort layout. Mini-Verde Bermuda grass greens are gently undulated and kept at reasonable playing speeds.

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7. FLC Halong Bay Golf Club

FLC Halong Bay Golf Club

Located in the popular tourist city of Ha Long – a UNESCO recognized natural wonder of the world, FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort is a rare treat with its prized Feng Shui location on a high mountain presiding over an expansive coastal vista. Every position within the complex promises an unbroken view of either Ha Long Bay World Heritage or the alluring Ha Long City.

The 18-hole golf course is built according to the international standard, designed by a talented designer – Schmidt Curley. The most beautiful holes are the 8th hole and the 12th hole. These holes provide the entire view of Ha Long Bay and Ha Long City. Another thing players will encounter while playing here is the varying slope of the course; this requires players to be careful for each shot. In addition, the fairway area is quite large and surrounded by many bunkers which will increase the difficulty of the game a lot. 

It takes about 2 hours and a half drive from Hanoi to this course, golfers can come and stay at this complex of hotel and golf club, or enjoy a night on a cruise to visit Halong Bay.

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8. VinPearl Golf Hai Phong

Vinpearl Golf Haiphong

Vinpearl Golf Haiphong is 120 kilometers East of Hanoi and takes 2 hours drive from Hanoi on highway. Entire couse is set amid the 872 hectares of Vingroup’s Vu Yen Island Ecotourism Area and crisscrossed by three rivers, in addition to the 36-hole championship golf course, the island features eco-villas, an ecological park, amusement complex and a cable car system stretching 1.5 kilometers to link the mainland and the Island

Designed by IMG, Vinpearl Haiphong features two distinct courses; the Lakeside Course and the Marshland Course. Platinum Paspalum grassed fairways and Tiff Eagle greens on both courses ensure year-round playing conditions.

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9. Royal Golf Club

Royal Golf Club

Located in Ninh Binh Province, it takes 2 hours drive from Hanoi. The 670-ha course consists of 3 courses, namely Doi Vua (King’s Hill), Nu Hoang (Queen), and Hoang Tu (Prince). It is well-designed in line with the beautiful nature of ancient mountains as well as Yen Thang Lake. The course is full of traps and bunkers, making it more exciting and challenging for golf lovers. Especially, all the green fairways are covered with Greenleaf Park and Novotek grass imported from Thailand, which will make your ball path greater than ever.

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10. Trang An Golf & Country Club

Trang An Golf Club

Trang An golf club is located in Ninh Binh, about 100km South of Hanoi, it takes 2 hour drive

Trang An Golf & Country Club has a 7,074-yard 18-hole championship course and a smaller 18-hole “Precision” course where members can practice their short games

This course weaves around the mature pine forest with a magnificent view of limestone karst peaks and is surrounded by 45-hectare Dong Chuong Lake that offers a peaceful & serene atmosphere for a golf trip of players from Ha Noi and other nearby provinces.

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