Singapore Golf Price: How Much Does It Cost?

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Singapore Golf Price

Singapore is not an exception to the worldwide popularity of golf. However, for many fans, the Singapore golf price might be a deterrent. It is not surprising that a round of golf can be more expensive in this country than in other nations given the island’s constrained geographical area and high cost of living. The various costs of playing golf in Singapore, such as green fees, membership fees, equipment, and other incidentals, will be discussed in this article.

Singapore Golf Price at Public Golf Courses

Public golf courses in Singapore can range in price based on a number of variables. For weekday play, green fees typically range from SGD 60 to SGD 150 each round, while weekend rates can reach SGD 200 or more. Rentals of golf carts, caddy services, and equipment may also come with additional fees. For Singapore residents, old citizens, and students, certain golf courses offer discounted pricing. It’s important to keep in mind that certain public golf courses may offer membership choices or packages with discounted fees for regular players.

A prestigious public golf course can be found in Singapore called Champion Golf. It is one of the most well-liked golf courses in the nation and provides golfers of all ability levels with a distinctive golfing experience. At Champion Golf – Green Fairways, the price to play golf varies based on a few variables. These elements will be included in this article, along with a breakdown of the price of playing golf at this particular course.

Champion Public Golf Course

Champion Public Golf Course

At Champion Golf – Green Fairways, different green fees apply depending on the time of day, the day of the week, and the season. Depending on the time of day on weekdays, the green charge for 18 holes ranges from SGD 115 to SGD 195. The green charge for 18 holes varies from SGD 165 to SGD 295 on weekends and public holidays. On weekdays, the green charge for 9 holes is between SGD 70 and SGD 125, while on weekends and public holidays, it is between SGD 95 and SGD 165.

Another course that golf lovers in Singapore frequently travel to is the Executive Golf Course at Mandai. It is a difficult course that welcomes both amateur and expert players. At this course, golf is reasonably priced and accessible to the majority of people.

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Executive golf courses at Mandai

Executive golf courses at Mandai’s fees

Depending on the time of day and whether you are a member or not, the cost to play 9 or 18 holes at the Executive Golf Course differs. Non-members should budget between $20 and $30 for 9 holes and $35 to $60 for 18 holes on weekdays. Non-members must pay somewhat more on the weekends; for 9 holes, they must pay between $25 and $35, and for 18 holes, they must pay between $45 and $80.

On weekdays, costs for 9 holes range from $12 to $22, and for 18 holes, they range from $20 to $35 for members of the Executive Golf Course. Weekend rates for members range from $15 to $28 for 9 holes and from $25 to $50 for 18 holes. There are additional fees for utilizing a golf cart or caddy in addition to the green fees. Rental prices for golf carts range from $35, while caddies average $45 for 18 holes.

Depending on the time of day and the day of the week, the price of a round of golf at Marina Bay Golf Course may change. Golfers can benefit from a number of packages and promotions that the golf course has to offer. A round of golf at this course can cost anything from $100 and $350 per person. Included in this is the “green fee,” or the cost for a round of golf on the course. Golfers will also have to pay for extras like equipment rental, caddy services, and golf cart rentals in addition to the green charge.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Golf Course

Golfers may benefit from the different specials and packages provided by golf courses and agencies to save on the cost of golf in Singapore. These promos might include discounted pricing for golfing on weekdays, reductions for playing outside of peak hours, or package offers that include equipment rental and caddy services. Enjoy your golfing trip in Singapore at the most reasonable price when you book with us.

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Singapore Golf Price at Semi-Private Golf Courses

Private golf courses are renowned for their exclusivity and opulent amenities in Singapore. The cost of golf in Singapore’s private courses, however, is substantially more expensive than it is at public courses. Private golf courses have substantially higher membership dues, green fees, and other costs than public ones. The quality of the golfing experience, which includes well-maintained courses, upscale eating options, and first-rate services, justifies the hefty price. On the other side, public courses are more affordable and open to the entire public. Public courses are a more cost-effective choice for golfers who want to play without breaking the bank, while private courses provide a more upmarket experience.

Keppel Golf Club

One of Singapore’s most prominent private golf clubs, Keppel Club is situated in Keppel Bay. Although it is a private club for members only, guests may play golf thereby paying a green fee.

Visitors must pay SGD 321.00 for the green fee on weekdays and SGD 481.50 on weekends. Twilight pricing is also available at the club, allowing guests to play after 3 o’clock for a discounted charge of SGD 224.70 during the week and SGD 343.20 on the weekends.

Keppel Club golf course

Keppel Club Golf course

The club also provides a variety of promos and packages, such as junior golf programs and corporate golf packages. Players from affiliated clubs are also welcome to play at Keppel Club for a discounted green fee.

Players have to prepare for the expense of caddies in addition to the green fee because they are required at Keppel Club. Payable directly to the caddy, the caddy charge is SGD 60.00 for 18 holes and SGD 30.00 for 9 holes. At Keppel Club, players may also hire golf carts for SGD 50.00 for 18 holes and SGD 30.00 for 9 holes. The club’s pro store also sells golf tees, balls, and other supplies.

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The Orchid Country Club

In Singapore, The Orchid Country Club is one of the most well-liked golf clubs for golfers wishing to play in a spotless setting with first-rate amenities, it’s a terrific place to go. The Vanda, Aranda, and Dendro courses are three of the club’s nine-hole layouts. The price to play golf at Orchid Country Club varies depending on a number of variables, including the time of day, the day of the week, and the level of membership.

In comparison to membership costs, non-member green fees are often more expensive. Non-members may have to pay roughly SGD 160 on weekdays for 18 holes of golf, while members may anticipate paying about SGD 85. On weekends and public holidays, non-members may pay green fees for 18 holes that vary from SGD 228 to SGD 298; members may anticipate paying between SGD 128 and SGD 168.

Orchid International Golf Course

The Orchid Country Club

Additionally, the club provides a number of membership categories, such as Full Golf, Corporate Golf, and Social Memberships. The Corporate Golf membership enables businesses to nominate up to 10 golfers to play at the club, while the Full Golf membership grants members unrestricted golfing privileges on all three courses. On the other hand, social membership gives members access to the club’s amenities, such as the tennis courts, swimming pool, and eating options.

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Full Golf membership costs start at SGD 16,000, while Corporate Golf membership costs begin at SGD 26,500. Fees for social membership begin at SGD 5,100. Depending on the kind of membership and other elements, these costs may change.

Warren Golf & Country Club

Golfing fees at Warren Golf & Country Club for example vary depending on a number of variables, including membership status, the hour of the day, and the day of the week. For non-members, a round of golf costs SGD 160++ on weekdays (Monday through Friday) and SGD 214++ on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). It is essential to remember that these pricing are based on current taxes and fees.

Warren Golf & Country Club

Warren Golf & Country Club

The price of playing golf is much reduced for Warren Golf & Country Club members. On weekdays, members pay a reduced fee of SGD 85++, while on weekends, they pay SGD 150++. These prices are further subject to any applicable taxes and fees.

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Golfers are obliged to pay a caddy charge of SGD 45++ per caddy in addition to the green fee. Golfers have the option of using a caddy or a buggy to transport their clubs around the course. A buggy rental costs SGD 28++ per buggy, while a caddy rental costs SGD 45++ per caddy.

The Additional Cost of Golf in Singapore

Golfers may also be required to pay for obligatory caddy fees and buggy rentals in addition to the usual green fees. Additionally, some golf courses could demand that players wear particular apparel, which might raise the entire cost of the day.

Accessories costs

The polo shirt is associated with golf for a reason. Don’t forget to show up for a Sunday round of golf in shorts and a t-shirt, since tightly dress codes are regularly required at golf and country clubs. Even while you won’t need something as dramatic as a uniform, you could still need to buy a few particular items of clothing, particularly for golfing. Some things are also unavoidable, like golf shoes; some clubs won’t let you play on the course without them. You could also benefit from wearing headgear (a helmet, hat, or visor) or UV protection sleeves to help shield you from the sun when you’re out in the countryside.

Golfer’s Insurance

Golfer’s insurance is a further expense that is frequently forgotten. Golfer’s insurance is required before you are permitted on the course since there is an elevated danger of harm for golfers. This kind of insurance provides liability protection in the event that someone is hurt accidentally, as well as coverage for any accidental injuries sustained. Additionally, it could offer some advantages if your personal golf equipment is lost.

Storage lockers

You’ll need to rent a locker so you can securely keep your equipment between games if you don’t have a car or don’t want to drag it from your house to the club every time. The majority of lockers are available for monthly rental, however, some clubs provide a bulk discount for leases of one year or more.

Lighting charges

If you can only play golf after dark, be aware that you could have to pay a lighting fee. Yes, that’s exactly what it says on the tin: a few extra dollars for the luxury of not having to stumble around in the dark. It leads to an increase in the cost of golf in Singapore. Not all clubs are as overt about this fee; others will just include it as an extra price for playing after sunset.

Renting a trolley or golf buggy

If you don’t want to carry your equipment by hand throughout the course, there is an additional expense. You may divide the cost of a buggy if you’re playing with a friend. If you want to save money, a trolley could be your only choice otherwise.

Singapore golf price for cancellation

It’s crucial to be aware of the terms and restrictions when making a reservation at a golf club. Many golf clubs have a rule in place that says they will charge you if you are late for your reservation or cancel it. This price is most likely levied to make up for any missed green fees the golf club may have racked up while you were away.

It is significant to note that the golf club’s policy and this price might change, so it is always advisable to inquire with them in advance. A grace period for cancellations or late arrivals may also be offered by some clubs, therefore it is wise to ask about this before making a reservation.

Golf lessons

Golf is a difficult sport that takes a lot of talent and commitment to perfect. While some individuals may have a natural flair for the game, others could find it difficult to learn it and hone their talents. If you fall into the latter type, it could be beneficial to think about working with a seasoned coach to aid you along your golfing path. A golf instruction session in Singapore will typically cost you between SGD 50 and SGD 200 per hour. In order to lower the overall cost, some instructors could also provide package discounts for numerous sessions or group sessions. Before choosing a coach, it is usually a good idea to conduct some research and compare pricing from different trainers.

In the end, playing golf in Singapore can be costly, but there are methods to save Singapore golf cost. Golfers may locate the finest discounts and offers by doing their research and comparing pricing at various golf courses. Make a tee-time reservation with us to enjoy golfing in Singapore at a fair price. Don’t pass up this chance to play golf on a gorgeous course for a low cost. Make a reservation now, and we’ll handle the rest!

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